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Scrambled EggsAre you looking for some healthy dishes to cook with your toddler? Then, welcome to the world of healthy and tasy dishes. Feeding your toddlers with healthy food is a big challenge for today's parents. Check out these simple, tasty and healthy dishes to cook with your toddlers.


Scrambled Eggs


This is a meal your toddler will enjoy as well as feed himself. The dish can be made from the beaten egg whites and yolks. Scrambled eggs are the healthy breakfast food item which is enjoyed by all the kids. You can serve the scrambled eggs along with toasted bread.


Apple and Cinnamon Muffins


Apple And Cinnamon Muffins


This recipe is perfect for your toddlers since it is full with healthy ingredients like apples, cinnamon and rolled oats. The apple cinnamon combination makes this dish not only scrumptious but wholesome as well. This can be the ideal snack or dessert for your kids.


Fish With Potato


This dish is very simple to prepare and full of nutrients like protein and vitamins. Fish and potato is liked by almost everybody, especially the kids, and it is very much a comfort food. You can add cheese for more enhanced taste.




There are very few kids who wouldn't love to indulge in pancakes. The pancakes are so simple to make that even your toddlers can make themselves. You can make varieties of pancake such as cinnamon orange pancake, apple-potato pancake or vegetables pancake.


You can serve these pancakes with plain yogurt or honey. It is delicious, healthy meal and a great way to offer some essential nutrients to your kids.


Toddler recipes do not need to be complex and hard to make. Relax and enjoy making something special for him or her from time to time. Try out these delectable healthy dishes to cook with your toddler and make him feel adored.


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What Are Some Health Dishes To Cook With Your Toddler