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How To Do Colon Cleansing In Children

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Colon cleansing  is not only for adults, colon cleansing for children are also essential when they experience bloated stomach, gastric, flatulence and constipation. But parents should ensure to follow the safe method.  Here you can find how to do colon cleansing in children in a safe way.



Colon Cleanse For Children At Bedtime


Buy all the ingredients from the local health store. Before your kid goes to bed, provide your kid small portion of fruit. Banana is the most recommended fruit which you can give in empty stomach.


Mix orange juice, arrowroot, vitamin C crystal powder and bone meal powder together and offer this mixture to your kid. After this, allow him to drink some water to clear the oesophagus and this is only liquid he or she is supposed to take for the whole night. However your kid can take plenty of water before the drink.

Colon Cleanse For Children Once The Wake Up

Once your kid wakes up in the morning, gently massage his or her stomach.  This relaxes the bowel quickly.  Then give probiotic either in capsule or liquid form. While using capsules, break them to take the contents and mix it with flavored or plain yogurt. Give some water after giving probiotic.

About Ingredients Used For Colon Cleansing For Children

As a parent you should know about the ingredients used for colon cleansing for children.

  1. Vitamin C crystals:  This also called ascorbic acid crystals and this helps to dissolve the mucus wastes
  2. Bone meal powder:  It is digestible form of calcium that helps to stimulate the intestine peristalsis. You can use any calcium powder in place of bone meal powder, but the substitutes are not considered safe as bone meal powder.
  3. Arrowroot powder:  It is kind of mild gel that soothes your kid’s digestive tract. Instead you can also use potato starch. 


Now you know the sale colon cleansing for children. Though it is considered safe, consult your doctor before starting the process.


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How To Do Colon Cleansing In Children