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ginger for health

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gingerMost of us know it as a flavor agent, but ginger can be a boon for health. We should also accept it’s medicinal qualities, and acknowledge that the small root spice is actually much more than what it appears. From proving a sure shot cure for normal cold and cough to treating disease like cancer, ginger has proved itself useful many times.



The list below will provide you a few of the ailments that can be considerably cured by use of ginger.

Common cold and cough:

One inch piece of ginger, if chewed and kept in mouth can keep cough from triggering, bringing you relief, especially at night. Ginger stock (can be treated with honey and pepper for taste) can work wonders in treating cold.

Menstrual cramp:

Ginger tea with a hint of brown sugar is a Chinese remedy for menstrual cramp.

Pain and inflammation:

The anti-inflammatory property of ginger makes it a good cure for inflammation and mild pain.

Kidney damage due to diabetic:

A recent study on rats, show that ginger can slow down or even stop kidney damage from diabetes.


Many difficult to cure cancers like ovarian or colon cancer can be treated with ginger or its extract. While it slows down the colorectal cancer cells’ growth to help in colon cancer, it causes death of cancer cells in ovarian cancer.

Migraine relief:

Because of its pain killer properties, it also helps in curing migraine pain.


It also boosts the flow of bile thereby increasing digestion. It also helps in dealing with ailments like gastric.

Motion sickness or nausea:

Very effective in curing motion sickness or nausea with special compounds like Shogoals and Gingerols.

With an ability to cure so many big and small diseases, ginger can be rightly called as a super spice. However, the important thing is to go by the cliché phrase – excess of anything is bad. So, while ginger can help deal with heartburn or digestion, excess of ginger can cause heartburns too. To a piles patient it can be the worst thing to have. Ginger can help only if taken as a supplement and not the main medicine for various ailments so a dependency in it will not help completely.


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Ginger For Health