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Foods For Healthy Heart

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Foods For Healthy Heart

There are varieties of foods for healthy heart you can plan to switch to for leading a disease-free hassle-free lifestyle. It is discussed that foods have direct link to either weakening your heart or augmenting its life. We know that food can either take toll on our health or can make us look younger, and hearty. Its all contingent upon your eating habits and foods you binge on. Foods contain all sorts of fats, carbohydrates, essential, non essential proteins, good and bad fatty components. We must act finicky while choosing right food for keeping our heart healthy and strong. Once you get the hang of eating healthy, you should proceed further to couple it with proper exercise regimen. These two simple and less expensive steps will save your heart from getting diseased and you can enjoy a long healthy road to posterity. Some of the foods are naturally endowed with the features of keeping our heart healthy. It is our responsibility to feed our body with them. Let’s find out some great foods which keep your heart healthy

Foods for Healthy Heart

Whole Grain Cereals

We must make habit of consuming whole grain cereal like wheat, brown rice, lentils, legumes, barley, oats, corn, etc. They have huge amount of fibers, vitamins, and are abundant source of proteins. Now essential proteins are not synthesized inside our body, so we need to tap them from external natural sources. Legumes and cereal are the one made for this. Switch yourself from white flour pasta to something which is wheat based, from white rice to brown rice.


Foods which comprises of unsaturated oils and fats must be taken for healthy heart. Olive oil, refined sunflower oil, canola rape seed oil, vegetable oil is some of cooking oils which must be used for cooking purpose. They all have omega-3-fatty acid which plays key role in maintaining a healthy pumping heart.

Nuts and Oats

They are high in fiber content, which reduces extra bulk on heart and keeps our colon clean. Colon cleaning mechanism keeps blood healthy which in place has got indirect link to healthy keeping heart.

Fish and Eggs

Foods rich in fatty fish and eggs, are high in lecithin, omega-3 acids, vitamin E, and unsaturated fats. This helps in reducing bad cholesterol level and enhancing the good cholesterol level in blood. This phenomenon reduces the risk of plaques and blockage in heart vessels.

Beans and Soy

Some exceptional characteristic of beans and soy are that they have Vitamin B, and highest amount of protein fibers. They are known to reduce blood fats called triglycerides and thus maintain a proper healthy heart.

Garlic and Broccoli

Broccoli has anti cancer properties and keeps blood healthy. It has flavonoids and carotenoids which is known to preserve good heart. Garlic boosts immune system and prevents any infectious attack on heart.

These were some of the magic foods you must try in order to keep a healthy heart for years to come.

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Foods For Healthy Heart