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Best High Calorie Foods For Gaining Weight

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high calorie food for weight gain

Thin is in alright, but there are some genetically thin people who always aspire to have the curvy Kate Winslet figure. It is always recommended that they have foods specifically recommeneded for gaining weight fast. You must be wondering what those foods are? Here is the list:



Would you believe it if I say a slice of whole wheat bread packs in more calories that it’s white counterpart? Eating whole grains, beans, potatoes, pasta, rice ,and cereal would help you gain weight. Carbohydrates are known for its weight-gaining property. It also helps pump in energy and it is highly recommended that you have carbohydrates for breakfast regularly.

Fruits, dried fruits and fruit juices

Avocados are rich sources of monounsaturated fats. They are rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin K making them an excellent fruit for healthy weight gain. Equally good for weight gain are fruits like banana, grapes, orange, pineapple, and pear. Dry fruits too work well in this department. Similarly, fruit juices are concentrated sources of natural sugar qualifying it to be one of the high calorie foods for gaining weight.

Juices for weight gain

Sauces and spreads

Weight gain is easy if you get a little sinful with your choice of diet. Eating cheese, mayonnaise, and butter are sure shot ways to gain weight.  Pizza and pasta with marinara sauce, sandwiches with an extra spread of cheddar or cream cheese and tuna with mayonnaise are some of the high calorie foods for weight gain.

Seeds and nuts

Munching on seeds and nuts is another way to gain weight. You can make your own granola that would make an excellent high calorie food for the day. Combine cereals, seeds, dried fruits, and nuts to make granola and eat it with ice creams, yogurt, or waffles for easy weight gain.  You can add peanut butter too to your diet chart.


If you want to put on weight, then do not miss out on healthy oils like olive, canola ,and flaxseed oil, which are easy ways to add calories. These unsaturated oils not only add flavour to your feed, they also lay the road to weight gain.

These are some of the high calorie foods for weight gain. Now,  you can set your diet chart and follow it too.

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Best High Calorie Foods For Gaining Weight