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We have discussed role of our daily food stuffs in keeping our heart healthy in part --1, now we will discuss about anatomy of our heart it is very essential because most of people without knowing the built of heart  body eat and works abnormaly and thus put their health in danger dueto lack of appropriate knowledge of food  heart relationship.the detail anatomy of heart body given below;

1---already mentioned that heart is complete mascular body and it weighs about 250 gm to 400 gm and it starts working when child is in mother womb.and works till is correct to say that heart is life and life is the heart,there is no life without heart.

2---the nature has provided heart muscles extraordinay  strength it bits countineuosly from mother womb to whole life of a person r any living thing, every part of body take rest but heart never rests,but biting decreases at time of rest that is essential for long working of heart,heart bits 100k times a day and about 36 million in a year.

3-- heart extracts it food from blood ingrediants and pure blood produced in body from fresh and good quality of our daily food stuffs.

4---pure blood enters in heart chambers through our body artries and impure blood out from body veins and goes to lungs where purify by fresh oxigen this phenomena countineously works in cyclic maner automatically.

5-- if our food stuffs is less fatty and high fivours cotain good quality of blood  formed in and the good quality of cholesteroll found in blood that is most beneficial to our healthy heart,hence avoid red meat ,eggs yoke,fat,ghee and junk food when u r above 30 yrs.and doing less physical works.

6-- every one knows as age grow our blood vessel mainly artries responsible to supply blood to hearts started getting narowing due to fatty materials deposits supply  less quantity of blood to that particulars part of heart body and heart muscles of that part started dying,this occurs only due to bad stlye of living and careless food habits.ifood .tv site suggests many many good food stuffs to avoid such situations,hence the food is sole responsible for disturbing r keeping heart in good shape .we will discuss more about it ,and also discuss,how to preserve our heart in good condition and to enjoy long and happy life.

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