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The Benefits of Mate

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Well‐known in Amazonia and appreciated for its sweet flavour, mate is a tonic plant popular for its richness in vitamins, minerals and caffeine. Consumed twenty minutes before a meal, it is also renowned to be a veritable appetite suppressant, while Vitamin C‐rich green tea promotes energy expenditure and provides the body with a healthy dose of anti‐oxidants. All this is flavored with lemon and a sprinkling of lemon grass, well‐known for their energizing and digestive properties.

Fatigue, stress, pollution, too much partying… the body needs to eliminate toxins regularly in order to recover its balance.


The combined virtues of mate and green tea – diuretic, stimulant and anti‐oxidant – make Kusmi Detox an ideal drink for all lovers of natural products who are conscious of their well‐being.

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The Benefits Of Mate