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Food Dyes Linked To Hyperactivity

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Food dyes linked with hyperactivity is no more an apprehension, research and study on this subject-line has confirmed this fact. It has been proved by several sources that food dyes make you hyper active and it is applicable both for kids and adults, and in some cases pets are not even spared. However, color therapy says that red and yellow colors invoke hunger and stimulate taste buds; perhaps following the trend most of the US food are available with some colors, be it pale white cheese into vibrant yellow color for kids’ attraction or strawberry juice with red wine color for the delight of natural fruit juice for adults.



How food dyes linked to hyperactivity is harmful

According to federal laws and restrictions food dyes used in food must be of good quality however excess dyes are never health friendly. Surprisingly, there are some popular foods available in market may be with nine dyes in total for the vibrant color effect of the food and the apathy of the situation is, as expressed by one members of Child Health Protection Advisory Committee, guardians as well as the kids are consuming these foods without least hesitation. The cakes, pastries which are being sold as gluten-free items and people are purchasing them with satisfaction, as expressed by a nutritionist, are crowded with additives and dyes which are no less harmful than any gluten based foods, as these food dyes linked to hyperactivity may lead  to damage the over all brain development of children.

Food dyes make you hyperactive: a proven fact

Recently two studies were sponsored by British Government based on general children about the inter relation between consumption of colored foods and hyperactivity. Surprisingly in both the cases the result came as positive as the kids are fed with foods with artificial dyes and preservative like sodium benzoate, displayed increased level of hyper activity. The change of the hyper active behavior was found in between normal kids, which is a great confirmation of the hypothesis that artificial dyes are stimulator of hyperactivity in between children. Further research is ongoing on this matter because some of these dues are being suspected as carcinogenic.

In this connection US Federal Government has imposed some sort of ban on some food colors and dyes as these are accounted as harmful to general health on consumption. Blue chip giants like Kellogg’s have already taken their steps by introducing some organic dyes in their food products along with the safe colors as commended by Federal bodies. 


Now as it is confirmed that food dyes linked to hyperactivity is one of the prime reasons of the hyperactivity and lack of concentration between kids, now it is high time to restrict the use of colored food for a better future of our children.




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Food Dyes Linked To Hyperactivity