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Study Finds Beetroot Juice Promotes Brain Health In Older Adults

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Beetroot Juice Good For Brain Health

Here comes the good news for both beetroot fans and the elderly. Research confirmswhich says that beetroot juice promotes brain health in older adults. A bunch of scientists at Wake Forest University`s Translational Science Center has confirmed through their study that  drinking one to two cups of raw beet root juice can ultimately treat brain degeneration diseases which appear in old age. Beetroot has long been revered as the panacea to myriads of health ailments, be it, bone fragility, muscular degeneration, liver dysfunction, cardiac diseases or blood pressure increase. Beetroot is endowed with immense healing power and is must for any individual who seek to enjoy a truly healthy lifestyle. The recent study on beetroot juice has attached one more feather to its cap of health benefits. Let us sneak into the experimental study and the conclusion drawn.


About the Study done at Wake Forest

Scientists experimented and surveyed a group of population which comprised of 14 old aged individuals called as subjects of experiment. They were monitored for a complete four days. On the first day they were put on beetroot diet and then were five normal packages for snacks, lunch and dinner. On the following day they were put on low beetroot diet and were again fed with same general diet. On next two days, experts divided the individuals in two groups and fed one with high beetroot diet and other with low beetroot diet.

They mapped the excitement and functioning level of each group’s brain. The results depicted that high beetroot diet section showed marked increase in nitrites in brain.This was not seen in other groups.


Conclusion of Study

Nitrates are compounds which are naturally found in beetroot and cabbage. They are like major feeds to your brain and signal smooth flow of blood into parts of brain. Some friendly bacteria help in conversion process of nitrates to nitrites which finally return to blood vessels. This nitrite like chemical opens the blocked pores of blood barrier in brain and percolation of blood in smooth way results in overall healthy brain.


Beetroot Significance

Beetroot has been shown to improve and per fuse blood flow in brain which otherwise is impeded during old age. The blood flow halt in some random parts of brain is the cause of dementia, poor cognition condition, and nervous degeneration. Through research conducted recently, it is clear that beetroot juice consumption on daily basis can increase nitrite level and also increase serotonin level in brain. 

Serotonin is feel good hormone and is active mood elevator. A chemical called betaine is also found in beetroot which helps in new nerve cells generation process which is again good news for people which brain degenerative disease.

Study encourages us to inculcate the habit of embracing beetroot juice in our diet in any form we wish to. After all, we all are inching closer to old age every day and we all fear any disease overtaking us during our time of silver years!


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Study Finds Beetroot Juice Promotes Brain Health In Older Adults