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Coping with stress

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After last weeks article on stress, I have decided to follow up with some tips to make your life a little easier. We know we can't avoid stress but we can definetely make our lives a little less stressful.

Here are some tips to coping with stress:

1. Be honest with yourself- what is causing your stress? Confront the issue(s)

2. Be realistic on what you can and can't change.

3. Learn to listen to your body.Your body will give you hints/signs when it's under too much pressure.

4. Laugh and smile - Just laughing or smiling will instantly make you feel better.

5. Have fun- Make sure you add time to your schedule for social events.

6. Get help when needed - Find a good support team either through friends or family or seek outside help.

7. Find ways to simplify your life. If you are working full time and have kids, it would be almost impossible to get all the household duties done. It's ok to hire outside help.

8. When you start feeling stressed. Take a minute to sit down and breath.

9. Be kind to yourself - Take time for you. It's not selfish to take time for yourself. Give yourself permission to put yourself first.

10. Keep a journal. Write down how you are feeling. Write down your goals and steps to reach your goals.

11. Make sure to eat properly, get adequate sleep and exercise.

12. Get a schedule book, planner or calendar to help organize your life. Keep a to do list.

13. Be proud of your accomplishments.

14. Live for today. Don't live in the past or spend too much time worrying about the future.

15. Learn to trust your instincts. You know yourself the best. If you can't trust yourself then who can you trust?

Most of these tips are common sense and seem simple. The unfortunate part is when we are stressed we forget to do the simple things like exercise, eating right, taking time for ourselves, etc. So, let this article be a reminder to put yourself first!

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Coping With Stress