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Is It Safe To Eat Tapioca In Case Of Allergies?

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Tapioca And Allergy

Tapioca is grown as under root vegetable and is basically a shrub of manioc plant variety. Some of the handful researches speaks volume about the safety assumption of tapioca for allergic person. If you are diagnosed with life threatening allergies, seasonal allergies, lactose intolerance, gluten food allergy, dairy product allergy, you might get bemused about the diet menu you would be forced to follow thereafter.


People with allergic syndrome are required to follow an elimination diet plan, which encompass all those foods they never had in their diet before diagnosis. Tapioca has got some health benefits for people with gluten allergy. Gluten allergy includes allergy from wheat, oats, barley, malt, and all those foods with gluten in them. Lets us unearth some of the facts and figures answering the question of tapioca safety for allergies.


Facts about Tapioca


Tapioca is basically a tuber like food very similar to potato. It is hugely popular as staple food in Brazil, and Brazilians include tapioca in almost every food items be it, stews, soups, veggies, curries, pies, cookies, desserts, or puddings. So it is lucid that Brazilians can never develop allergic shocks to tapioca. Remaining populations have also tasted tapioca in variety of ways, and journals and science magazines have barely found tapioca as food culprit for allergies. So, till date it is safe to get entangled in tapioca treat!


Coming to some real biological stuff, tapioca in its most natural form contains cyanogen glycoside, which if consumed by you in raw form can turn these chemicals into nasty cyanide molecules, which may not be good news for your healthy body. So to avoid this, it must always be boiled for long twenty minutes which eliminated the cyanide and makes it toxin free.


Tapioca as super food in allergy


  • People troubled with gluten allergies, are stopped from eating anything which contains gluten, which means cutting down your daily intake of necessary carbohydrates. Tapioca is great substitute for such people, as it is gluten free and carries no danger of making you allergic or hyper allergic. It has been rated as hypo allergen food, which means it can be safely consumes by allergic people.
  • Tapioca is very high in starch content so people who are forbidden to eat starchy foods must stay steer clear of it. Tapioca is good alternative for people with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance, as it is known to reduce the saturated fats and help fight antigens instantly.
  • Allergies are caused in people who have compromised immune system; this weakens their ability to fight away allergens and other foreign particles. Tapioca is helpful in neutralizing the effect of allergens inside the body and is generally considered safe option to be propagated for allergic people.


On concluding note, I would add that though more findings call for decking tapioca on safe shelf, you can enjoy its already unveiled benefits linked to allergies.


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Is It Safe To Eat Tapioca In Case Of Allergies?