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What Are The Benefits Of Cooking With Xylitol?

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Health Benefits of Xylitol

Xylitol is sugar alcohol acting as natural sweetener and found in the leaves of birch trees and is the member of Laurel family. Health benefits of xylitol are countless for one single reason, it is sister version of table sugar, and has 60 percent less calories than normal sugar. What makes xylitol so special among doctors and nutritionist is that they readily recommend it as natural sugar substitute, and is universally approved sweetener in more than 35 countries across the globe. Certainly there are artificial sweeteners floating in market, but in lieu of doing anything good to you, they degrade your health conditions. Such is not the case with xylitol, as it is more health friendly. Xylitol is known for its bacteria fighting capabilities, safe alternative for diabetics, tooth protecting properties, and lots more. Let us sneak peek into the health benefits of xylitol.



Xylitol as major component

Researchers have found that xylitol is abundantly found in strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grape fruits, oats, corns, mushrooms, and plums.


Health Benefits of Xylitol

Makes for safe replacement of sugar

People, who are health conscience and are looking forward to squeeze out sugar from their diet, can lay their trust on xylitol. The best part is that it has resemblance of any normal table sugar, to satisfy you with the gritty feeling.

Best available sweetener for Diabetics

People on diabetes are highly concerned about their sugar intake. Still they internally crave for sweet tooth satisfaction. Xylitol has got beneficial property of not requiring insulin for its metabolic processing, making it good alternative for diabetics. It has 2grams of calories per oz. as compared to normal sugar which has 4 grams of calories. Xylitol is slowly metabolized and digested in our body, which is very important in regulating blood sugar level. Guess what, here is a golden chance for diabetics to binge on sweet calories without even taking in any calories!

Xylitol has low Glycemic Index

Glycemic index is the measurement of amount of sugar being raised in your blood with every morsel of food. Low glycemic index indicates sugar lowering properties of the concerned item. Xylitol is expert in this field.

Best friend of your kid`s tooth

Xylitol impeded the reproducing abilities of streptococcus mutants, bacteria causing dental carries. This is the reason for wide popularity of xylitol usage in toothpastes, chew gums, and tooth friendly candies.

Eliminates Ear Infection

Some of the notorious bacteria like pseudomonas pnuemonie, and streptococcus species cause dreadful ear infections. Xylitol destroys the cell membrane of those species, and protects your ear from infection.


How to use xylitol

You can sprinkle xylitol powder on your sweet dishes, like puddings, custards, and use it even as icing on cakes and candies. Use it in place of sugar in your teas and coffee.

These were some of the health promoting attributes of xylitol which makes it best option as sweetener.

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What Are The Benefits Of Cooking With Xylitol?