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Is It Safe To Eat Raw Fish

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Sushi Not Safe

Eating raw fish might not be a safe option for you, due to multitude of health risks associated with it. Raw fish might damage your cognitive skills, disrupt your digestive system, pose cancer risks, and drive you to hospital bed for long. Sushi is one of those popular Japanese dish comprising rice and raw fish. Many people argue about the safety of consuming sushi, and see it as serious threat to health. Researchers from around the world have studied the risk associated with sushi and recommend people to limit their dose of sushi. Raw fish or sushi is generally preserved in cold storage chambers, but once they are directed to market, unhygienic handling makes them rot internally before time. Lets us unveil some of the safety issues related to raw fish eating.


How safe is eating raw fish?

You should always try seeking out explanation to the above question. Eating raw fish might raise safety concerns for many people, and typical section of society is more prone to encounter the risks. Raw fish carries loads of parasites and pathogens on their superficial crest. Some of food borne disease might be linked to consumption of raw fish. People in Japan and other coastal areas have sea foods and raw fish as their staple dietary supplements. However, this should be eliminated from diet.

Raw fish contains mercury in their cells, and this is the ultimate cause of mercury poisoning in humans. Fishes which are fresh water are more vulnerable to mercury poisoning because water in which they thrive are highly contaminated with chemicals. Mercury consumption can permanently impair your nervous system leading to disease called Minamoto.

Lead poisoning is another disease occurring in humans from fishes. Raw fish are high in lead accumulation and this even remains after cooking them. Lead poisoning can taint your blood vessels and damage bone marrow.

Severe cases of food toxicity have been reported from people who ate raw fish and sushi. Other raw fish variety called sashimi has also been known to cause food poisoning.

Food borne illness due to bacteria and parasites thriving on skin of raw fish occur by eating too much of raw fish. This may cause gastronomical upset, and make you diarrhea patient in no time.

People who are at high risk do developing ailments from raw fish are diabetic patients, people who have suppressed immune functioning, allergic patients, asthma patients, young kids and old age people.

Given so many health risks derived from eating raw fish, you can plan to change your course of diet plan without faltering.

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Is It Safe To Eat Raw Fish