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What Are the Myths Related to Acai Berry Usage

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acia berryThe acai berry is a fruit native to Central and South America that has rapidly exploded onto the health-food scene, trailing a host of alleged benefits. But apart from its benefits, there are several myths related to acai berry. Let me separate for you the fact from fiction when it comes to this small, purple berry, which has been called a "superfruit". Before you take acai berry for its miracles, please read the following article based on acai berry myths.


Myths Related to Acai berry


Weight loss

Acai berries have been regarded for its weight-loss help because of their antioxidant level, but there's no scientific proof that antioxidants lead to weight loss.


Antioxidant level

Acai berries do contain antioxidants such as anthocyanins and flavonoids, which can reduce free radicals in the body. But acai berries have only a moderate level of antioxidants: more than oranges, but less than fruits such as Concord grapes, blueberries, and pomegranates.


Fruit benefits

Consumed as fresh fruit, acai berries are beneficial, but all fresh fruits contain substances that provide good energy to humans, and should be part of a balanced diet in any case.


Sexual dysfunction

Some berry companies have made claims that acai berries can cure erectile dysfunction, as well as increase a man's penis size. Both claims are scientifically unfounded.


Free trials

Some acai distributors offer customers a chance to try the berry for free. But the Better Business Bureau has reported numerous scams associated with such trials, leaving thousands of consumers unable to cancel and paying expensive monthly credit card fees.



Consult your doctor or search the internet for more information before you fall into the trap of a free acia berry treatment trail. Learn the myths of acai berry before taking it for weight loss or for treating ant other health disorder.


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What Are The Myths Related To Acai Berry Usage