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How To Reduce Cholesterol In Children

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How to reduce cholesterol in children is a quite intricate issue. Cholesterol in children may cause health complications like heart disease, obesity in the kids. Although the problem needs immediate medical intervention and long-term treatment, it has been observed that certain additional steps on behalf of parents help in fighting the crisis.



The steps to reduce cholesterol in children: “not-to-do” list


  • Poor dietary habits are one of the prime reasons for developing bad cholesterol in kids. The food containing synthetic sugar, additive, and gluten etc. are cholesterol friendly ingredients. The children, identified with high cholesterol level should be stringently restricted from taking junk foods and instant foods. Instead of carbonated drinks, serve him with fresh fruit juice or lime treated low sugar home made drinks.
  • Intense research has pointed out that lack of exercise and sedentary life style is one of the reasons which increase cholesterol in children. If your baby is suffering from high cholesterol count, include some physical activity session in his daily routine. You can restrict his online-game playing session; instead put him into a swimming class or get him enrolled in local scout club.


If not instantly, these restrictions will make some positive changes to reduce cholesterol in children


Cholesterol in children: the “to-do” list


  • Modification of diet is one of the best and most effective precautions  to reduce cholesterol in children. In case your child is suffering from high cholesterol count , start introducing fresh fruits, whole grain foods, and green vegetables in the kid’s diet.
  • Instead of red meat, you have to introduce lean meat in daily diet menu. Fish, soy products, beans, and tofu are reliable dietary antidote for bad cholesterol. Try to incorporate any of these items in daily diet of your child.
  • Kids are always fond of chocolates and ice cream. You should not deprive the kid from these two favorite snacks but you can modify them in your advantage. Introduce low fat dairy items and instead of milk chocolates, allow the kid to have dark chocolate; it is a tasty remedy to control cholesterol in children.
  • Instead of dairy butter, you can try peanut butter also. Peanut butter is a tasty sources of omega-3 fatty acids a natural antidote for bad cholesterol and harmful triglycerides in blood.
  • Kids often love having pasta in their meal. Allow him to have pasta made of whole grain instead of having white pasta. Unfortunately if he does not like the nutty flavor make a mix of white pasta and whole grain pasta and garnish the dish with his favorite sauce. He will surely enjoy it.
  • Popcorns are kids’ favorite; it is a cholesterol-lowering food also if you can manage the right tricks of serving them. Instead of serving the instant variety of popcorn with extra sugar and salt serve them the home made nutritious varieties.


The treatment process to reduce cholesterol in children is a long-term one. Dietary restriction and physical exercise etc are additional supportive issues which are found quite effective in controlling high cholesterol  in children. Regular health check ups, proper nutrition, supportive diet, and obesity control issues can keep a tight control on the cholesterol count of kids.


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How To Reduce Cholesterol In Children