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Healthy Dinner Ideas For Kids

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Healthy DinnerEven though kids can very fussy about eating, it is advisable to make them eat a healthy dinner. You can turn your kid’s favorites like pizzas, hot dogs etc. into a healthy dinner. While it is true that kids prefer to eat the fast foods, the healthier variants can also e include. Here are few healthy dinner ideas for kids that will make your kids enjoy the meal thoroughly.


Boiled/Scrambled Eggs & Rice


Eggs are rich in protein and calcium and hence a good choice for a healthy dinner. You can boil the egg or scramble them. Offer the eggs with rice or soup if you kids loves Chinese.


Vegetable Kathi Rolls


You can prepare veggies rolls using whole wheat flour and vegetables like potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, capsicum and onions. Prepare the Indian flat bread, Phulkas, and roll the veggie mixture prepared with a tomato ketchup spread and garnished with cheese. Your kids will love it.


Whole Wheat Pasta 


There will be very few kids who don’t like pasta. Use the whole wheat pasta instead of the refined flour one. Avoid meat balls, instead use tuna. You may even prepare the veggie variant also.


Macaroni With Cheese 


If your kid is feeling very hungry, then opt for this simple and easy to make dinner for your kids. The pasta you use for preparing macaroni should preferably be made from whole wheat. Use low fat cheese and skimmed milk. Avoid butter. Instead choose olive oil or sunflower oil.


Potato Dudes


Potato dudes, as they are commonly called, the twice baked potatoes are a healthy dinner item for the kids. You need to bake the potato in the oven without oil. Once the first baking is complete, peel the skins and coat the sides with the mixture made using low fat cottage cheese, sour cream, salt and freshly ground pepper powder. Now bake the stuffed potatoes, allowing the cheese to melt.


Fruit Sandwiches


Prepare a full fruit sandwich using whole wheat bread and freshly cut fruits. Add a dash of lemon juice and freshly ground pepper powder. Garnish with grated cheese and cilantro leaves. You can use apple, grapes, berries, pineapple, cherries etc. along with dry fruits like prunes and raisins.


Whole Wheat Veggie Sandwiches 


Make a whole wheat veggie sandwich using potatoes, broccoli, carrots, capsicum, tomatoes and red onions. Prepare a mint – cilantro leaves spread. Apply this to one of the breads and top with the prepared veggie mash. Apply low fat butter on the other bread. Toast it and serve hot with tomato ketchup.




1. You can offer unsweetened yogurt or yogurt with honey along with sandwiches.

2. Prepare a smoothie of their choice.

3. Include milk in your kid’s dinner.


Always remember that creativity is the basis of turning healthy. Once you know what all needs to be include in your kids’ meals, then you can create a healthy dinner easily using your creative ideas on a general dinner menu.


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Healthy Dinner Ideas For Kids