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Which Foods Should Be Avoided With Carotenemia

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Beta carotene - carrot

Let me tell you about the foods to avoid with carotenemia because the best way to curing this disease is to avoid foods that are rich in carotene and Vitamin A. When food rich in these two components are consumed in excess, it leads to carotenemia, a condition in which the skin appears orange or yellowish. Avoiding these foods for some time cures this illness in few days and thus considered better than consuming medicines.


Here is a list of foods to avoid with carotenemia, alternatively one can completely avoid food that are orange and yellow in color and some green vegetables.


  1. Carrot
    Although it is highly recommended to eat carrot for better vision it becomes a cause of concern when consumed in excess. Carrots thus top the list of foods to avoid with carotenemia because it has high amount of beta-carotene in it. Carrot is therefore responsible for many carotenemia cases. Avoiding carrot in case of carotenemia helps a great deal in curing it fast.
  2. Squash
    All orange and yellow color squash can cause carotenemia. Like carrot, squash are high in carotene and should be avoided at all cost to get back normal skin color.
  3. Corn
    Corn is not the foremost food to avoid with carotenemia but this orange color food has good contribution towards developing carotenemia. So, it is recommended to avoid this foods for faster relief.
  4.  Shellfish
    Shellfish is another beta carotene rich food to be avoided during carotenemia.
  5. Shrimp and Salmon
    Seafoods rich in beta carotene are to be avoided; these foods may add more orange color to your existing carotenemia condition. Farm raised salmons contain more beta carotene than wild salmon as they are fed with excess beta carotene to get a deep orange color. Thus, avoiding farm raised salmon is highly recommended.
  6. Orange colored fruits
    Like orange vegetables and orange seafoods, orange fruits should also be avoided in case of carotenemia. Cantaloupe and oranges have orange color, so it is easy to remember and avoid these foods.
  7. Green leaves
    Green leafy vegetables are high in vitamin A and carotene. Spinach is richest source of vitamin A while kale, romaine lettuce, broccoli and collard greens follow spinach in carotene and vitamin A content. These foods should be consumed in limited amount if they cannot be avoided completely.
  8. Sweet Potato
    sweet potato is a popular food for infants and is usually the source of high carotene in case of carotenemia in infants. Seek your doctor’s advice and avoid if required.
  9. Green Beans
    This is the only green vegetable to avoid with carotenemia. Although it is deep green, it is high in carotene which is hidden under the green color.
  10. Farm Raised Chicken
    These days farm raised chickens are fed on marigold which is deep orange in color. This deep orange color may also lead to carotenemia. So, check your chicken before you eat if you or any of your family members has carotenemia.


Now that you are aware of the foods to avoid with carotenemia, it will be easy to cure carotenemia and get back to normal diet.


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Which Foods Should Be Avoided With Carotenemia