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How To Take Acai Berry Supplements With Other Medicines?

Acai berry supplements Acai berry supplements are flooding the health market as the research on acai berries has revealed numerous health benefits.

Acai berry is a mine of nutrients and so is the “press” of the fruit– acai berry supplements.  

Acai berries are a rich source of nutrients starting from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant sterols, anthocyanins carrying an impressive nutritive profile. More so, acai berry supplements are also catching up with weight-loss fads, attributed by the presence of high amount of vitamin B complex in the fruit - the vitamin, which helps to metabolize carbohydrates.

Taking acai berry supplements

The fruit is available in capsules or tablets or powder form and; you should consult with your doctor before taking acai berry supplements.

Here are a few pointers about the supplements of acai berry fruit.

•    Ensure to consult with your family physician before resorting to any acai berry supplements. Spell the purpose clearly because the fruit, though in the spotlight for potential health benefits, is yet to be testified by research, for many of those claims. Your physician will be well informed about the factual health benefits of the supplements.

•    Ensure that the supplements you are procuring are FDA approved and look for warning signs on the drug label such as recommended age for taking in the supplement, whether it is advisable for children; or pointing to the presence of any constituents, which may affect allergy-prone individuals, especially people who have pollen allergies.

•    Remember to check about the appropriate dosage of acai berry supplements with your physician; whether the supplements should be taken in the mornings or evenings, empty or full stomach.

•    Acai berry though a fort of minerals and vitamins, can hamper with other medications such as omeprazole, which is prescribed for hyperacidity, ulcers, reflux oesophagitis and other gastric problems. Some of the vitamins in acai berry can suppress the action of omeprazole. So make it a point to mention to your physician about the medications you are on, however trivial it might seem to you.

•    Other health conditions such as pregnancy, blood pressure or diabetes should be brought to the notice of your doctor, before you go for a dietary acai berry supplement. Such health conditions usually go under scrutiny with the customary medications as during pregnancy, diabetes or blood pressure. The acai berry capsules or pills shouldn’t interfere with the working of these medications.

•    Though the FDA doesn’t explicitly disapprove of herb supplements, their safety and purity is not 100 percent assured.

Useful Pointers while buying acai berry supplements

•    Avoid acai berry supplements that come from spray and drum-dried acai products as the process of drying the fruits involves removal of water content and other essential nutrients.

•    Look out for Acai berry extracts in the supplements as these extracts are much depleted of their nutrient-value, with only a portion of the skin and pulp used in the making of the supplements.

•    Acai berry supplements, which are obtained by the method of freeze-drying is by and large the best method to preserve the nutritive value of the fruit compared to high-heat processing, which destroys much of the nutrients.

•    Do not forget to check the ORAC value on acai berry supplementary products. The higher the value is, the better would have been the process of harvesting and refining the fruit to produce the supplement.

The amazing fruit from the Amazon is spreading far and wide to hit the global market as acai berry supplements, as the fruition of nature’s best.

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How To Take Acai Berry Supplements With Other Medicines?