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What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Propel Fitness Water

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Propel Fitness Water



Propel Water


Water is one of the five essential elements for our sustenance. It is even more crucial for you when are working out. After exercising for a certain amount of time we lose minerals and body fluids through swaet. They have to be replenished. However, only water is not sufficient to replace those fluids in the body. Thus, propel fitness water has been created to act as a supplement while working out.


Propel fitness water is usually flavoured water that consists of various minerals, vitamins, and little bit of glucose. The benefits of propel fitness water are:

  • Less Calories: Propel fitness water has only 10 calories in an eight ounce serving, which can be burned while working out. It has sucrose syrup which has traces of glucose to provide energy. Once you consume propel fitness water your stamina gets a boost and you stay energized to acheive the desired results in your exercise. On a hot day when you should drink propel fitness water to avoid suffering from sun stroke or dizziness.

  • Proper hydration: Our body is made up of 70% water. Once we starts loosing the water through sweat we also lose a lot of body fluids. Normal water replaces the water content in our body but it increases the need to eat more nutritiously to supplement the lost body fluids. By consuming propel fitness water you stay hydrated and replace the body fluids upto 80%. The flavor in the propel fitness water makes it easier to drink.

  • Minerals, Electrolytes, and Vitamins: Propel fitness water was created by the creaters of Gatorade, another fitness drink. It has minerals and vitamins that are essential for our organs and skin. Vitamin B and vitamin C in this drink ensures that your metabolism is at the optimum level that it should be at. Potassium and iron plays a key part in mainting a healthy skin.  Electrolytes are essential for our nervous system.  They act as carriers of energy and initiators for the sensory organs.


Propel fitness water has all the above mentioned benefits. However, it should not be consumed to replace meals. It is only a fitness drink to be consumed in place of water. Your diet has to be consistent because that is the main source of energy. Propel fitness water is just a supplement. 

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Propel Fitness Water