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What Are The Benefits Of Lemon With Cucumber Juice

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Do You know what are the benefits of lemon with cucumber juice ? On a dull day a ting of citrus can brighten the day instantly, and the cool cool smell of cucumber puts a soothing balm on skin. However, did you know that besides enhancing the taste, lemon and cucumber are also used widely for its curing properties, but if used together waht are the benefits?





Lemon is acidic in nature and it always needs to be diluted with another ingredient to bring out the best in lemon. lemon is extensively used to sure skin related issues. However, it has to be coupled with something soothing to cut the acidity in lemon, and cucumber juice is the best medium for doing that. The benefits of lemon with cucumber Juice can be experienced in different forms. Some of the most common ways to use lemon with cucumber juice are:

  • To treat sunburn, you can mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with six table spoons of cucumber juice and apply it on the sunburnt area. Do not massage it on the skin. Keep this solution for 15 minutes and then wash with cold water. Repat this process one everyday for two weeks and the change in the skin tone will be visible. You can also apply this solution on your knees and elbows to remove dead skin. Be careful with the quantity of lemon juice since its excessive amount can cause a burning and itchy sensation on the skin.

  • Lemon with cucumber juice is also helpful when combined with hair oil and applied on the scalp. It gradually treats dandruff and dryness on the scalp. Mix equal portions on lemon juice and oil. Add half a portion of cucumber juice. Apply on the scalp and do not rub or massage it. Leave for an hour and wash with conditioning shampoo. Wash the scalp thoroughly with cold water before drying. This process can be repeated once a week to treat dryness of scalp. Do not use a lot of lemon juice as it has bleaching properties as well and the as a result you hair color will change.

  • If you are experiencing nausea due to over eating then four tablespoons of lemon with cucumber juice will help you fell better. The sharpness of lemon will cut down the nausea and the cucumber juice will provide a refreshing feeling.

Never drink lemon with cucumber juice on an empty stomach. It will result in a bad stomach ache. This is a very stong combination and should be consumed in controlled quantity.

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What Are The Benefits Of Lemon With Cucumber Juice