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How To Detox With Lemon

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Detox with lemon- Its natural, effective and inexpensive.

Detoxification with lemon has gained popularity among the youth after several Hollywood celebrities (including Beyonce) lost more than 12 pounds in just a couple of weeks following lemon detox diet. So, if you want to follow your favourite celebrity diet then gear up to detox with lemon.


Detoxification is the new way of losing weight and lemon is an old, natural, and effective detoxifying agent. Though, most detox diets are termed as fad diets by several dieticians, their popularity continues due to the sheer fact that they work. In case you want to follow “Lemon detox diet,” ensure that you do so under the supervision of a doctor.


Though this blog you will find some effective ways to detox with lemon without having to go through the harsh effects of lemon detox diet.


Principles of Lemin Detox Diet


Detox with lemon is effective as it cleanses the whole system rather than just cleansing a particular body organ. The strong citric acid melts away toxins from colon as well as intestine. It also stimulates production of bile in the liver and thereby facilitates cleansing of liver naturally.


How to detox with lemon


1. Detox with hot water, lemon juice, and sugar

This method involves use of hot water and lemon juice only. Mix juice of 1 lemon with a cup of water and sugar to taste. Water can be warm or hot depending on your liking, however, proponents believe that hot water is more effective. Start your day with a cup of this lemon juice and keep drinking plenty of water for rest of the day.

This process of detox with lemon will help eliminate toxins from the body and remove toxins that are in the process of settling down in the body. Moreover, since making this drink is hassle free, following this regime daily need not be difficult at all. One can lose weight easily, avoid weight gain, and remain free of all toxins with this routine.


2. Detox with only water and lemon juice

Prepare lemon juice with 1 lemon and a glass of water. Sip this lemon juice in between your meal to digest food. In addition to detoxifying, it will also help to prevent entry of undigested food into the blood. There are 2 benefits of detoxification with this process. Firstly, it will improve the function of liver by not overloading it with undigested food and secondly improves the process of digestion. This process not only improves the health of your liver but also helps to treat gallstones.


3. Detox with lemon and treat gallstone

It is effective to detox with lemon when there is a gallstone in the liver. Consume a mixture of lemon juice, Epsom salt and olive oil during a fixed time in the day and in the evening. Following a no-fat diet is essential, one day before and on the day of treatment. The bile produced during this time will not be utilized to digest fat and hereby gets accumulated and puts pressure on the stone and flushes it away from the gallbladder.


4. Lemon Cayenne Pepper Detox Drink

Prepare a drink with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, ginger, and cold water for best results. Make enough to last throughout the day. Drink whenever you feel hungry and thirsty. It requires a lot of dedication and commitment to follow lemon detox diet, as you require fresh ingredients and make sure you carry your drink wherever you go. After a couple of days, you will realize how this lemon juice satiates your hunger and cravings for food. Be aware of the side effects as well, it may make you extremely dizzy. Best is to consult a dietician.


Detoxification with lemon is extremely effective and recommended for good health. Whatever method you follow for detoxifying yourself, dedication, and commitment to sticking to the rules are the only ways to expect sure  results.


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How To Detox With Lemon