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How To Regulate The Calcium Level In Your Blood

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How to regulate calcium levels in the blood is a very important topic for discussion as abundance or deficit of calcium in the blood has many side effects. Calcium is an important mineral found abundantly in our body. Most of it is stored in bones and the remaining amount in the blood. It has vital impact virtually on every cell of the body. It’s important for muscle contraction, formation of bones and teeth, blood clotting and for the proper functioning of heart and nervous system.




With so many roles to play, presence of optimum level of calcium in the body becomes very important. Our body also has a mechanism for regulating calcium levels in the blood with the help of Parathyroid glands and Thyroid gland. But sometimes, a situation arises where a person suffers from hypocalcemia which is decrease in the calcium levels or hypercalcemia which is increase in calcium levels. In such situations, it becomes very important to regulate calcium levels by proper medication and diet. So, first of all we should know about the factors that determine the calcium levels in our body.


Our body gets calcium from the food that we eat. On the other hand, the level of calcium in the body depends on the vitamin D and calcium which is absorbed by the intestines, the level of phosphates in the body and the amount of hormones like calcitonin, and estrogen which plays a significant role in adjusting the calcium level in the body.


How to increase the calcium level in case of hypocalcemia

When a person is suffering from decreased calcium level, it becomes important for him to take diet rich in calcium. Calcium rich diet includes dairy products (like cheese and milk), fish, eggs, fruits and green vegetables. Daily intake of calcium should be at least 1000mg to avoid the situation of hypocalcaemia. Many a times when the deficit is severe, oral calcium supplement is also prescribed to the patient. Deficiency of vitamin D is another major reason for the decrease in calcium levels. So, Vitamin D supplements are given to the patient for promoting the absorption rate of calcium in the body.


How to balance the calcium levels in case of hypercalcemia

Increase in calcium level arises due to excess intake of Vitamin D or Vitamin A. So in case of hypercalcemia, the patient should avoid foods rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Primary hyperparathyroidism and abnormal functioning of adrenal glands also results into hypercalcemia. In such situations, proper medication should be taken where doctors often prescribe intravenous saline and intravenous furosemide. Hypercalcemia due to cancer is often treated by a therapy of bisphosphonate that decreases the calcium level in the body.


So, one should visit a doctor and act promptly to regulate calcium levels in blood as disturbed calcium level has very harmful effects on our body.


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How To Regulate The Calcium Level In Your Blood