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How Safe Is It To Use Accent Seasoning?

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How safe is it to use accent seasoning in your diet is the controversial question keeping many of us steer clear of it. Accent seasoning is the name given to chemical called mono sodium glutamate. Mono sodium glutamate is popularly floated by brand names like Accent, Vet sin, and Ajinomoto in different parts of globe. Some of us are baffled by the advantages and disadvantages served by MSG (abridged form of Mono sodium glutamate). Mono sodium glutamate resembles a lot to salt, but is carrying 60% less of sodium than what is present in salt. For it being great taste enhancer, people widely use it without giving any second thought to its disadvantages. Have you ever experienced the confusion of using the product labeled ;No MSG’ while looking for some salt alternative, if this is cause of concern for you, let us take a brief and informative look to Mono sodium glutamate  uses.


Uses of Accent seasoning

  • Accent seasoning or MSG is wonderful flavor augmenter. Greatly used in restaurants concerned with Chinese and oriental cuisines, MSG offer meaty and beefy taste to already bland and tasteless recipes. It is important to add taste to food in order to make it appetizing and appealing to our taste buds. Let me disclose you the veracity behind using MSG so widely. It was a Chinese man who propounded the taste enhancing property of MSG and brought it to the Chinese kitchen to add zing in every spicy mix.
  • Accent seasoning has low sodium count than normal salt on your table. So sprinkling MSG in your dishes might save you from high blood pressure like symptoms. High sodium in salt is hugely responsible to boil up your blood pressure by increasing the sodium content in your body. So accent seasoning is helpful in this way.
  • It is said that people who are MSG allergic, might be victim to Vitamin B6 deficiency. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to find out whether you are Vit B6 deficient or not are to do litmus test with mono sodium glutamate.
  • Mono sodium glutamate is salt of glutamate which is amino acid necessary for nerve impulse conduction in our brain. So it is good to have some of it spewed in your food to make your nerve run properly.

Abuses of Accent seasoning

Accent seasoning is sometimes bad for asthma, skin allergic patients. It is known to trigger hyper allergies in few of the cases.

MSG is used in fast food joint to enhance the taste, but have you ever noticed that you start getting addicted to regular dose of burgers bad pizzas making you visit them again and again. This is due to MSG content in their food. Accent seasoning is known to make people addicted to crunchy spicy foods which have empty calories.

Now when you know using accest seasoning will impove the taste of cooked food, but taking MSG in large amount causes several neuron degenerative diseases, so take it in small amount and enjoy the taste.

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How Safe Is It To Use Accent Seasoning?