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What Are The Benefits Of Yellow Saffron Tea

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Health benefits of yellow saffron tea are in abundance. This herbal infusion has a very specific taste and fragrance, often described as sugary and akin to honey. Besides this, saffron has long since been associated with healing traditions, and modern studies are starting to discover more validated health benefits. However, many of the claimed benefits of yellow saffron tea have yet to be scientifically proven. Always consult with your Doctor and get his advice before using this brew for medicinal reasons.


Yellow saffron, or Crocus sativus, originates in the regions from Greece to Iran. Saffron flowers are cropped in autumn. Only the flower's three stigmas are gathered for medicinal use, which makes the job very labor intensive and the spice very pricey. To make a saffron tea infusion for medicinal use, mix five to 10 saffron strands in a cup of cold water, bring the concoction to a boil, and let it bubble, according to "Acupuncture Today." Strain and sip on the tea either hot or cold.

Resource of Vital Minerals

The yellow saffron spice is an excellent source for minerals that people need to on a day to day basis. Potassium, calcium, iron, and zinc are some of the minerals it contains. Potassium helps manage heart rate and blood pressure, calcium helps to build bone mass and iron is important for the creation of red blood cells.

Digestive Support

Drinking yellow saffron tea is also commonly believed to calm the stomach and help with digestion after eating. According to research by Edgar Cayce, yellow saffron tea frequently works as a laxative to help cleanse the digestive tract.

Curing Skin Disorders

Yellow Saffron in tea form has also proven useful in treating aggravated skin disorders such as psoriasis. Although there is a lot of topical treatment available, people suffering from this skin condition have been asked to drink a couple of glasses of this tea every day. The elements in saffron are supposedly able to soothe the aggravated skin linked with psoriasis.

Could Lower Cholesterol

Polyunsaturated oil, which has been known to decrease cholesterol levels in the blood, is present in high quantities in yellow saffron tea.

Women's Health

Yellow saffron tea is a healthy brew for pregnant women during labor because the mixture boosts the pace of contractions. Also, for women who suffer from pre-menstrual cramps and bloating, the tea helps lessen them, encourages healthy pelvic blood flow and take care of hemorrhaging during the menstrual phase.

Lessens Depression

Yellow saffron tea is known to decrease depression. Shahin Akhondzadeh at the Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital in the Tehran University of Medical Sciences has studied the spice as a cure for depression, and it measures up to Prozac in effectiveness, according to the Institute for Traditional Medicine.


Now you too can start on enjoying the benefits of yellow saffron tea. However, always make sure the saffron you buy has no additives and is completely pure. Saffron can often be found in tainted forms and should always be examined thoroughly before purchase.


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What Are The Benefits Of Yellow Saffron Tea