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Is It Safe For Diabetics To Use Stevia?

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Is stevia safe for diabetics? ThiStevia For Diabeticss is the mind boggling questions, which is intriguing the scientists for long time. Stevia is an herbaceous plant which is native to the forest of Brazil, and Paraguay. People from these two countries have savored the leaves of this plant since ages for its medicinal and therapeutic values. Stevie forms sweet leaves which have been reported to be 200 times sweeter than white sugar, and 20 times sweeter than sucrose. Stevia provides the option of relishing sweet delicacies and satisfying the sweet tooth of diabetics. However, people from scientific community are skeptical about its complete use as natural replacement for sugar or other chemical artificial sweetener. It has been safely put to use by many people who believe that stevia can tremendously help them lower their blood sugar level and overall maintain the proper health. Let us find out how stevia is looked up as therapeutic sweetener.


Therapeutic uses

·       Stevia works as wonderful blood sugar lowering agent in its natural way. It contains two of the associated chemical which is naturally known to provide heavenly sweetness to this herb. Stevia contains stevioside, and rebauloside.

·       These two are chemicals which makes stevia a good substitute for sugar with no calories. People foraging for sweetener with non calorific substitute can safely bet on stevia. Therapeutically, it has been known to bind the sugar molecules and drive them away from blood stream. Diabetics can observe drastic improvement in their blood sugar level by taking the stevia in its natural form. It has been seen that concoction or perfusion of its leaves have less effect than the natural use of its leaves.

·       Stevia has potential to decrease the weight and in this way obese people can dramatically observe weight loss on use of leaves of stevia.

·       The stevioside chemical found in stevia prevents accumulation of bad cholesterol in your body which might be dangerous to diabetic people.

·       Stevia has been seen to enhance the insulin production in diabetics and is thus miles away from being unsafe.

As Flavor Enhancer

Stevia can be uses in delicacies which are sweet to make it safe for diabetics. It has some vitamins, and steroids which boost the repair process in diabetics and helps in faster healing of wounds in them.This entails that stevia is better than chemical sweetener which carry their own side effects and may not be safe option for diabetics.

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Is It Safe For Diabetics To Use Stevia?