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What Are The Effects Of Hot Lemon Water On Your Body

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We all know the importance of water for a healthy body. But here we are discussing about the effects of hot lemon water. Yes, water is very effective the hydrating the bodies and cleaning all the body impurities. Most dieticians suggest that drinking about two liters of water everyday can keep you away from many health problems. But, do you know that adding just a little hint of lemon juice in the water could double the positive effects of water. Lemon is an acidic food, which is when mixed with hot water can work like an alkaline drink for our bodies. Below mentioned are the hot lemon water effects.


What Are The Effects Of Hot Lemon Water On Your Body

1. Hot lemon water is wonderful to boost the digestive system of the body. The combination of water and lemon juice is great to reduce minor health issue like heartburn, nausea, hiccups and constipation. Both water and lemon juice acts like a tonic for the body as it helps in digestion of food. Further, hot lemon water is also very effective in decreasing the amount of phlegm in the body, which further helps in curing cold and sore throat.

2. Hot lemon water can help in cleanse the body internally. You can actually use hot lemon water to cleanse off all the body toxins. Body toxins are very harmful for the skin as they clog up the pores. This may result in developing greasy, oily and spot-ridden skin. This oily skin can also cause other skin problems like acne and pimples. We usually rely on skin therapies like massages, toners and sweat therapies for reducing these adverse skin problems. But, you must know that nothing can be as good as having a glass of hot lemon water every day. Moreover, make sure to drink the lemon water at room temperature to ensure all positive effects.

3. You can also have shiny hair with the help of hot lemon water. All you need to do is to apply some hot lemon water to hair. Lemon water is also helpful to lighten the effect of blond hair. Just rinse your hair with hot lemon water. Or else you can simply apply some hot lemon water to your hair and let it dry in the sun for about an hour. After one hour, rinse your hair thoroughly. You can even shampoo your hair after this. Simply repeat this process every week to lighten up your hair tone.

These are some of the positive effects of hot lemon water. So, just utilize the lemon juice and plain water mixture to have a healthy body.

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What Are The Effects Of Hot Lemon Water On Your Body