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10 Irish Foods To Avoid During St. Patrick's For Health Concerns

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foods to avoid during St_ PatricksSt. Patrick's Day is celebrated by cooking Irish foods. The day is marked by honoring St. Patrick, wearing and eating green marking the beginning of spring, making merry and enjoying Irish food. Even though Irish food is appetizing and very appealing, some of them are very rich and can add plenty of calories to your diet.





  • Irish Foods to Avoid

The Irish use plenty of potatoes and meat which are not very healthy when taken in excess. There rarely is a dish in the Irish cuisine that does not make use of potatoes. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates when taken in excess are not very healthy. Similarly, most Irish foods use red meat like lamb, mutton, beef in their dishes. Let us look at some of the Irish foods that can be avoided during St. Patrick's party:

  1. Boxty – These are potato pancakes. Even though, there is no need to outright avoid these, restricting intake would be good. These are high in carbohydrates, fats and sugar.

  1. Coddle – This is a stew made of pork, sausages, potatoes and onions. These are very high in fats and uses red meat.

  1. Poundies – A potato mash with green onions and a well of butter at the center. Stay away from poundies since these are very high saturated fat, carbohydrates and has very less dietary fiber.

  1. Bangers and mash – This is flavored pork or beef sausages with mashed potatoes. High in unsaturated fats, carbohydrates and sodium, intake of this should be limited.

  1. Champ – To make this dish, mashed potatoes, milk, butter and spring onions are mixed well and served after seasoning with salt and pepper. Very less fiber and an excess of carbohydrates make this Irish food an unhealthy choice.

  1. Roasted potatoes and bacon – Normally served as a side dish, this Irish food is a favorite with guests but intake should be restricted to smaller portions.

  1. Traditional Irish stew – This is a must-taste Irish food. This stew is very rich and thick providing plenty of calories, carbohydrates and fats. Smaller portions would let you enjoy this Irish dish without any guilt.

  1. Corned beef – Even though, this is not a traditional Irish food, most St. Patrick's Day parties serve corned beef. Stick to smaller portions to enjoy this dish.

  1. Drisheen – This blood sausage is very high in fats even though it provides plenty of proteins. Best avoided.

  1. Shepherd's pie – Stick to one piece of the pie if you are health conscious. A very rich pie that packs in plenty of calories in each bite.


Moderation is the key word to be exercised during St. Patrick's Day parties.


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10 Irish Foods To Avoid During St. Patrick's For Health Concerns