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What Are The Benefits Of Black Olives

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Black Olive

Olives are often dismissed as a garnishing ingredient in Mediterranean delicacies like pizza and Greek salads. As one unravels the health benefits of black olives, the importance of these tiny salty tasting fruit goes way beyond a garnishing food. Here, we are going to discuss the health benefits of black olives but before that let’s have a quick look at the healthy nutrients in black olive.


Black olives are packed with essential nutrients and that is how black olive benefits our health.  The most recognizable nutrients are healthy fats, phenols and Vitamin E. These nutrients play an important role in keeping us healthy, thus consuming a small serving of black olives is immensely beneficial for health.


What are the health benefits of black olive  ?


Protects Heart From Diseases
The most vital health benefit of black olive is its ability to keep heart healthy. The fat contained in black olives is of monounsaturated type. This fat is good for heart as it helps to lower s LDL or bad cholesterol. The vitamin E from black olive prevents oxidation of cholesterol in the arteries, thereby preventing blockages in the heart. The third nutrient found abundantly in black olives is phenols; phenols reduce the risk of heart diseases. Thus, all the three nutrients contribute majorly towards health benefits of black olive.


Increases Body Immunity
Vitamin E is strong anti-oxidants. They help to fight free radicals that cause diseases. Thus, the major health benefit of black olives is that it strengthens our immune system to fight many diseases.


Reduces Risk of Cancer
Phenols and Vitamin E contained in black olives helps prevent cancer.


Helps Reduce Weight

Black olives benefits
in losing weight. The monounsaturated fat and fiber satiates hunger and helps control food carving. So, black olive is a part of a diet when one wants to shed extra weight or keep weight under control.


Healthy Skin
Black olives are good for skin. Vitamin E in black olives keeps the skin healthy. Black olives also carry antibacterial and anti fungal agents and this help protect the skin from infections. Phenols are strong anti-oxidants thus protect cells from damaging.


Aids Digestion
Black olives helps produce hydrochloric acid that helps digest food and thereby aid in the absorption of nutrients consumed through food. The fiber helps eliminate toxins from the body keeping the digestive system healthy.


Health benefits of black olives are derived when olive ripens the natural way. Fresh black olives should always be preferred over canned ones. Canned black olives contain preservatives and chemicals that are harmful. Black olives in cans are sometimes ripened by unnatural methods, black olive benefits are less in this case because the phenols are less effective and most of the fat and Vitamin E is destroyed.


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What Are The Benefits Of Black Olives