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What Are The Health Benefits Of Blue Cohosh?

HerbA wonder herb, the health benefits of blue cohosh are many. A women's herb, blue cohosh health benefits range from usage in gynecology to kidney and bladder infections. However, studies on blue cohosh are not detailed and the herb can be potentially dangerous used without medical supervision. It has many names other than blue cohosh. It’s also called blue ginseng, papoose root or squaw root. But a rose by any name is still a rose and here are the many health benefits of blue cohosh:


  • As mentioned earlier, blue cohosh is a women’s herb and it is believed to induce labor among women. Researchers have found a substance in cohosh that induces labor in pregnant women. It is also used as a childbirth aid in herbal medicine


  • Blue cohosh is a very powerful uterine stimulant. Although it is believed to have properties to induce menstruation, it’s advisable not to use blue cohosh for this purpose.


  • Researchers in Europe were able to identify antibiotic properties in blue cohosh. Owing to its immune stimulating properties, the herb can be used to treat kidney and bladder infections.


  • Traditionally, among native Americans, blue cohosh is used to treat arthritis since it has anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Don’t take supplements with blue cohosh without medical supervision for it could become hazardous if you are pregnant


  • The berries of blue cohosh, those are dark blue, are poisonous and if consumed by children can prove to be fatal. If there is a blue cohosh plant in your garden, keep your children away from it.


  • Blue cohosh is used to treat menstrual cramps and it dilates blood vessels stimulating menstrual flow. Although it can help women who have complains like irregular periods, irregular menstrual flow and painful periods, it should be not be used without medical supervision


  • The herb is used to promote urination and is hence a diuretic but these effects can only be benefited after you consult with a doctor


  • Blue cohosh can help break a fever by promoting sweating since it is considered to be a weak diaphoretic. But there are no officially recommended dosages of this herb since it cannot be freely taken by everyone.


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What Are The Health Benefits Of Blue Cohosh?