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Ways To Avoid Iron Depleting Foods

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Iron Depleting FoodsIron is an important constituent of our body and to keep our iron reserves high we need to avoid iron depleting foods. While one sure way to ensure that we get our regular supply of iron is to consume foods rich in iron, another is to avoid iron depleting foods. Requirement of iron by body varies depending on sex, age, diet and health status. There is need to consume dietary iron to meet iron requirements of the body. Iron depletion can lead to health concerns like anemia that requires medical intervention at the earliest.


How to Avoid Iron Depleting Foods

Avoiding foods that deplete iron may sound daunting since this would require a thorough know-how of nutrients in each and every food that is consumed. Given below are certain pointers that help in identifying foods that can bring about iron depletion.


  1. Foods containing caffeine, phosphates like fizzy lemonades, certain ice creams and chocolates, processed meats etc can deplete iron.

  2. Grain cereals like multi-grains or wheat, if not fortified can cause depletion of iron in body.

  3. Excess intake of calcium can also deplete iron. Thus restricting intake of milk, cheese and other dairy products can help maintain iron reserves in the body.

  4. Similarly, tea, coffee, red wine and grape juice contain polyphenols that inhibit absorption of iron by the body.

  5. Medicines like aspirins and antacids also deplete iron intake. Regulate intake of these medication for iron absorption. Choose medicines that do not interfere with iron absorption.

  6. Opt for caffeine free natural drinks like lemon, Sprite and decaffeinated colas. Opt for fresh fruit juices and flavored waters. Buy chocolates that do not contain caffeine.

  7. Avoid foods that contain phosphates such as fizzy drinks, lemonades, ice-creams and bakery products. Phosphates are present in baking powder and self-rising flour. Get products that contain lower phosphate content. Processed meats are very high in phosphates and are best avoided.

  8. Soy and soy products are high in peptides and hence can deplete iron. Opt for alternative protein rich food instead.

  9. Excessive intake of vitamin supplements can reduce iron absorption in the body.

  10. Avoid eating the yolk of the egg since these can deplete iron reserves in the body. Egg whites are healthy and are sufficient for all recipes containing eggs.

Listed above are ways you can avoid iron depleting foods by opting for healthier alternatives.


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    Ways To Avoid Iron Depleting Foods