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Red Onions Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

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Scientists have suggested that red onions can help prevent heart disease. Red onions are a common ingredient in Asian and Mediterranean cuisines and are becoming increasingly popular world wide as scientists claim that red onions and heart disease have several remedial connections.

Research conducted at the Chinese University in Hong Kong suggests that red onions help prevent heart disease because they retain good cholesterol in the body and help remove bad cholesterol which is largely responsible for triggering heart diseases like heart attacks, blood pressure, strokes etc. 


One may wonder about the inter-relation of red onions and heart disease. It is believed that red onions interact with those enzymes that exhibit cholesterol lowering mechanism.  And thus help to lower the levels of bad cholesterol or low density lipoprotein (LDL) in the body.

Red onions are high in sulfur-containing allyl propyl disulphides. This sulphur compound gives onions their characteristic strong odor and causes the eyes to water but it is these sulphur compounds that may help reduce the risk of heart disease as well as prevent certain types of cecinogenic diseases.

Red onions are also rich source of flavonoids which are antioxidants and powerful free radical scavengers; that that is why it is obvious that red onions can help prevent heart diseases. These photochemicals also  have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent growth of tumors and thus prevent cancers like stomach cancer.

Onions can help prevent heart disease and cancer and they also have several other health benefits;

  • Red onions are also said to help in curing the bout of coughs, colds, asthma, and  chronic bronchitis and are found to decrease allergy-induced symptoms.
  • Chromium, along with vitamin B6 in red onions improves cardiovascular health.
  • Red onions lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

    They reduce inflammation in the bones, throat, and blood vessels.
  • Red onion can also help to deal with symptoms of osteoporosis, asthma and in  the problem of common cold attack, even.
  • Chemicals found in red onions help with overall bone health, improve blood circulation and also relax muscles.
  • Red onions also decrease the blood sugar level due to allyl propyl disulfide and chromium, which are found in the red onions.
  • Red onions are said to help in weight loss though there is no conclusive information about this.


Now that you know that red onions can help prevent heart disease and also have so many other health benefits,  try use them in your daily cooking like the Indians and Mediterranean people do! 

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Red Onions Can Help Prevent Heart Disease