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What Are The Health Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom

reshi mushroom

The health benefits of reishi mushrooms are a hot topic of research in several nutrition related studies all over the world. The red colored mushroom is reaching for the title of a superfood just like spirulina, wheat grass and the like. The fungus of Japanese origin claims several health benefits, the main one among which is to restore the body to its default healthy state, sort of like a reset button. It is also said to fine tune the immune system helping the body fight effectively against harmful foreign bodies.



The most active ingredient of reishi was tested and found to be water soluble poly saccharides. These are complex carbohydrates that allegedly fight tumors, modulate the immune system and help in lowering blood pressure.


The second most active component of this red colored mushroom is ganoderic acid. This group of acids proves effective against allergies but their mechanism is different from that of traditional anti-histamines. Whereas anti-histamine block the allergic response of the body to histamine secretion, reishi mushrooms apparently inhibit histamine secretion itself upon contact with the allergen. Ganoderic acids enhance oxygen usage and liver function as well.


Reishi when discovered several years ago was rare and the little that was gathered (not cultivated) was only for consumption by kings and royalty. Now however there are methods for cultivation of reishi on logs which is then taken and processed. Reishi in its raw form is hard and virtually non-edible. The mushrooms are taken from the logs, sliced, boiled and the extract is what is used to make tablets and capsules.


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What Are The Health Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom