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What Are The Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water

The health benefits of alkaline water are one of the raging debates in the medical community. Are there any alkaline water benefits at all or is it just a scam to sell water alkalizing products?

We discuss in this article the benefits of consuming alkaline water on a regular basis for those who believe in it. To explain the benefits we first need to look at what alkaline water is and what are the means to produce it. Alkaline water is water with a high pH making it very less acidic and increasing its content of hydroxyl ions (OH-).

Consuming such water is said to decrease the overall acidity in the body. A largely acidic environment in the body makes it vulnerable to infections and provides a comfortable growing space for several harmful micro organisms. How does the body get this acidic environment in the first place? This is attributed to recent lifestyle changes and the diet changes that come along with it. The average diet of an American today consists of fairly large quantities of meat, processed foods and aerated soft drinks. These foods are the cause for the excess of acids in the body. Drinking alkaline water regularly tips back the scales and restores the pH balance of the body.

The pro alkaline water doctors also claim that alkaline water is very helpful in detoxification of the body. Not only does alkaline water flush out the already present toxins in the blood stream but it also prevents the buildup of toxins again.

The most common alkalizing products in the market are tablets and tap attached devices. While tablets are a good option if you want to just try out alkaline water, it is wise to invest in a water ionizer for long-term use.


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What Are The Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water