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Natural Remedies For Sleep Disorders In Children

Do following natural remedies for sleep disorders really work? I have seen it work for adults and wanted to try them out on my children too. Sleep disorders in children is a very common problem and is faced by every parent. You may be dog tired at the end of the day but your child is full of energy at night. Children do not become energetic at night because they want to disturb you but because they face sleeping disorders. It is not advisable to use medicines to cure this problem. Instead you can follow some natural remedies for sleep disorders in your children.

Active child

The main reason for a child to have sleep disorder is due to lot of energy before going to bed. For controlling this you can plan a routine for your child where he or she has a lot of activity to do throughout the day. If you still find that your child is active even before sleeping then the best thing to do is to provide the child with some activities before going to bed. You can plan for some games which will need the child to do some physical activity. This makes the child tired and they get a good night’s sleep.

A glass of milk

Giving your child a warm glass of milk before bedtime is a cure to lot of problems. The warm milk helps to relax the body and mind of the child. It is very effective and has been proved to provide undisturbed sleep to the child.

A healthy diet

Sometimes children do not eat properly throughout the day. As a result once they go to bed, they start feeling hungry. This causes major disturbance in their sleep. It is good to follow a healthy and filling diet for your child. This will put a check on your child’s sleeping disorder.

A warm shower

As a warm shower is very relaxing for an adult, it serves the same function for a child. Few children start feeling drowsy as soon as you put them under the shower. This bath after a long day makes the child sleepy and also provides sound sleep for your child at night.

Light and noise

Too much of light and noise is a major reason for sleeping disorder of a child. Once the children are put to bed there should be minimal noise made. Also, people roaming and talking in the room when the child is sleeping will let the child get up from his/her sleep.

Avoid late nights

It is not good for a child to stay awake late night. Maintain a time frame for your child, and put them to bed early. Whether they are sleepy or not make it a point to send them to bed at a particular time. They will slowly get habituated to this time cycle and will get proper sleep.

If you find sleep disorders in children even after following the above mentioned remedies, consult the doctor immediately.

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Natural Remedies For Sleep Disorders In Children