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Health Benefits Of Turkey Bacon V/s Regular Bacon

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The debate on the taste and health benefits of turkey bacon v/s regular bacon, will remain forever or until there are people in both the groups.  The people, who enjoy eating regular bacon, cannot think of any other alternative to this. Again, there is another group of health conscious people, who prefer to be on low calorie diet with the introduction of turkey bacon. To compare the health factors related to turkey bacon and regular bacon, I think I should consider the nutritional information given on the package.

I had this confusion in my mind and to answer that last time I bought two packs of bacon; one regular and other turkey. While I was comparing the nutritional information for these two types of bacons, I found that regular bacon has more amount of calorie serving than the turkey bacon.  However, the sodium, cholesterol and fat content of both these variations are more or less same. If you consider the protein content, then regular bacon has a higher amount of protein than turkey bacon. But again, with turkey bacon, you get an additional nutrient, vitamin C.


After learning this fact, I think, one has to look for the exact requirement for his health before deciding on the choice between turkey bacon and regular bacon. In case, you require extra calorie and extra protein then go for the regular bacon. But, if you want to stick to low calories and a dose of vitamin C, then your choice should be turkey bacon.


However, this is not all, for comparing the health benefits for turkey bacon v/s regular bacon.  You should also consider the cooking process for preparing the bacon. For regular bacon, it is essential to fry in oil for serving. As soon as, you will put the bacon in oil for frying, it will gather more fat and calories, which is not a suitable choice for the people with high cholesterol. However, you can put the turkey bacon in microwave without adding any oil, and thus keeping the nutritional value intact.


When you consider the cooking procedure for turkey bacon and regular bacon, you would find out turkey bacon as a healthier choice. In case of protein supply, you can double up the quantity of turkey bacon, which will have equal amount of protein in comparison to singular piece of regular bacon. This way, you can also add up to the vitamin C intake, which is no way possible for regular bacon.


However, there are people who enjoy the typical flavor of fried regular bacon. For them, I can suggest a new way of preparation. You can bake the regular bacon inside the oven at 350-400 degrees for around 10-12 minutes. If you prepare the regular bacon in this method, then it will not gather the extra fat and calories from oil and can have almost similar nutritional value of turkey bacon in terms of fat and cholesterol count. However, this will not make any change for the calorie and protein count. Also, this process of cooking will not add up any vitamin C to the regular bacon. So, ultimately it is going to be your choice to decide between turkey bacon and regular bacon.


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Health Benefits Of Turkey Bacon V/s Regular Bacon