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Foods To Serve For Skinny Kids To Bulk Up

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Foods to serve for skinny kids should be chosen selectively. Children who are too skinny may suffer from poor health and maybe made fun of in school. Foods rich in calories and nutrients are foods that make skinny kids bulk up. Remember, foods that help put on weight can also be quite unhealthy so you need to make wise decisions before you decide how to modify your child’s diet. Here are some great foods that make skinny kids bulk up.




This fruit is a solid source of calories with as much as 368 calories per pureed cup. You can make some guacamole out of it but remember to serve with baby carrots or other vegetables rather than chips as that would make the snack unhealthy. Sandwiches with tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers and lettuce can also be made.


Instead of milkshakes that children love, make yogurt based smoothies with fruit. Bananas are an excellent fruit choice as they are rich in calories as well as nutrients. They have sweet taste and can make the smoothie quite scrumptious. A lot of children are also not too fond of milk so yogurt is a wonderful substitute. Other ideal ingredients to use in the smoothie are peanut butter, frozen berries, mangoes and low fat ice cream. 

Mixed Nuts

Make a little snack bag with different nuts like almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, peanuts and mix it all together. Don’t buy the fried and salted kind as they have a little too much oil and sodium in it which is not healthy for your child. These nuts are rich in heart healthy fats, various minerals and other nutrients that will help kids put on some weight and do them a world of good.


Cheese is a source of protein, calcium and phosphorus, which supports your kid’s skeletal development. Cheese also contains approximately 100 calories per ounce so add it to sandwiches, pastas, salads, or any other vegetable you maybe making for your skiny kid. Cheese comes in many varieties - so you can find out the ones your child has a preference for and use it more often.


Children are fussy about food and when you are trying to modify their diet. It is essential for you to include things they enjoy eating and won’t complain about too much. Noodles are an ideal dish as most children love them and they can be cooked with olive oil for extra calories and a lot of vegetables. Buy the whole wheat kind so it makes the dish healthier.

Now you can be morecreative about healthy foods that make skinny kids bulk up and don’t need to make them eat things that simply have calories but no nutrients.

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Foods To Serve For Skinny Kids To Bulk Up