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What Grain Foods Should You Avoid

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Grain foods are very much in vogue since people have become health conscious. However, before consuming all grain foods, think what grain foods you should avoid because all grain foods that are marketed or seems to be healthy are not actually healthy and will not serve the purpose. So before you get into the trap of eating some unhealthy grain foods, know about the grain foods you should avoid.


There are three types of grain foods, so one should know exactly which grain foods to avoid because they can be extremely unhealthy.


Whole Grain Foods

Whole grain is grain with the bran and germ in it. Whole grain foods are healthy because they contain most of the nutrients of grains such as the bran and the germ is not destroyed. Examples are whole wheat bread, whole wheat noodles or whole wheat flour.  


Refined Grain Food

Refined grains do not contain desirable levels of nutrients in it. The grains are polished to an extent that the nutrients are lost. Products that do not specify “whole grain” ingredient are usually made up of refined grains. These refined grain foods you should avoid at all cost because they will do more harm than good. Today, weight gain, obesity and heart diseases are all because of the consumption of refined grains through breads, pasta and junk food like crackers, cookies and many more.


Enriched Grain Food

Enriched grain foods contains some essential nutrients from the grains. They might not be as unhealthy as refined grains so enriched grain foods should be avoided, if possible, because they contain a portion of nutrients. However, consuming them occasionally will not harm.


As you have learnt which grain foods you should avoid, we enlighten you with why they are to be avoided.


  1. Fibre content is low and calories are high.
  2. There is a risk of developing certain types of cancers.
  3. You might increase the risk of getting heart attack.
  4. It will definitely leave you obese or at least over weight.
  5. You might develop diabetes.


Now we help to provide a list of grain foods you should avoid. These foods are consumed by us on a daily basis yet we do not know these are the grain foods to avoid and the following suggestions can help you in replacing those grain foods with healthy grains.


  1. Bread - Always go for whole wheat grain bread. They are healthier.
  2. Pasta – Instead of buying refined flour pasta select a pack of whole wheat pasta.
  3. Bakery Products - All bakery products like cake, muffins, puffs and pastries are made up of refined flours. Additionally they contain a lot of sugar, so try and avoid bakery food from bakers and supermarkets, instead make your healthier version of baked food with whole grain flour.
  4. Junk Foods: Junk foods are made of fine grains that lack fibre. They are difficult to digest as well. So you will have to leave junk food if you really wish to avoid fine refined grain foods. You can make your own healthy version of junk food at home and relish some healthy junk foods.



Always read the labels before buying grain foods. Buy the ones that are labelled with “100 percent whole grain” because labels saying “whole grain” can be misleading.


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What Grain Foods Should You Avoid