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Healthy Snacks For Children Aged 3 To 5

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Healthy Snacks For Children Aged 3 To 5


Usually people think that there is a very limited array available for healthy snacks for children. However, that is not true.  I agree that children are fussy eaters but a few combinations can be an instant hit with them.  And yes those combinations are healthy.


In the healthy snack ideas for children my utmost preference are fruits.  Fruits are versatile.  You can churn them into a smoothie with some yoghurt.  There is no need to add any extra sugar or syrup if you choose naturally sweet fruits like mango, orange, and banana.  A few toasted nuts such as almonds and walnuts can also be lightly crushed and added in the smoothie.  In summers you can create a lip smacking fruit sorbet wihtin minutes and the children will love it.


Children love to have breads, either as sandwich or as cake.  You can prepare cinammon toasts by lightly buttering the bread and toasting it golden brown.  Thin slices of apple can be placed within the sandwich.  This can be an after school snack.  You can use other fruits in a similar manner in sanwiches.  As for cakes, try to keep loaf cakes rather than cream cakes as the former is a healthier option.  You can make butter free cakes by using half the quantity of vegetable oil while preparing the loaf cakes.  This can be served with a cold or warm glass of milk.


Maximum chidlren do not like vegetables.  However, you can create interesting snacks with vegetables and serve them.  Par boild the vegetables and mash to a semi solid paste.  Add some fresh herbs such as basil, thyme, or mint.  Then form patties, crumb coat them and bake in oven or grill until crisp.  Try to make a grilled chicken salad with fresh iceberg lettuce and an oil and honey dressing.  The chicken can be cold or hot.  Avoid using mayonaisse wherever you can.  Please ensure that you do not serve food prepared with refined flour, excessive butter, and high sugar content.  Try to use whole wheat pasta for salads and pasta.  Candies and chocolates can be consumed occasionally.  And the same applies for deep fried delights.  Avoid giving them cereals that are rich in sugar.  They can spark hyperactivity in a many children.


Lastly do not give processed food to children as they are addictive and cause more damage.


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Healthy Snacks For Children Aged 3 To 5