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What Are The Health Benefits Of Hazelnuts

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The sweet flavored hazelnut is common in Europe and America. Get to know what are the health benefits of hazelnuts through this write up. Hazelnuts can be enjoyed in various ways. Some cultures even consume hazelnuts as their main meal. Hazelnuts are common ingredient of snacks, dessert recipes etc. The many health benefits of hazelnuts are due to the presence of protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins and healthy fats. The nutty flavor hazelnuts impart to pies, cookies, ice creams and the sort make it very popular. The health benefits of hazelnuts can be enjoyed easily by sprinkling your salad with these nuts. Moreover, next time you head for a coffee, try the ones which are flavored with hazelnuts for an exquisite culinary experience.


Hazelnut Health Benefits Revealed Through Nutritional Analysis


Health benefits of hazelnuts are due to them being packed with nutrients. Apart from the antioxidant properties that these wonder nuts contain, they are full of vitamin C, vitamin E and proanthocyanidins. All these have ability to fight free radicals making hazelnuts a strong cancer fighter. They also contain ample amounts of fiber, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, protein, calcium, minerals and trace elements.


Health Benefits of Hazelnuts Being Examined


Hazelnuts are commonly used due to their alluring flavor. They are very popular with people and are easily available at supermarkets. Easy to grow, hazelnut trees produce nuts within a few years of planting. Hazelnut health benefits are being discovered as these nuts have not been exploited for their health benefits as much as they have been for their taste.


Hazelnuts contain healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants that make them an effective remedy for heart diseases. Scientific studies prove that 1 ½ ounces of hazelnuts if consumed daily can reduce chances of getting a heart attack. The effect hazelnuts and its antioxidants have on health is being studied extensively. Currently, the research is oriented towards health benefits of hazelnuts on the heart and cardiac diseases.


Hazelnut health benefits can be enjoyed easily since hazelnuts are found in recipes like hazelnut butter, hazelnut biscotti, hazelnut gelato, German hazelnut torte or just plain roasted hazelnuts.




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What Are The Health Benefits Of Hazelnuts