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Is It Necessary To Give Calcium To Our Kids

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You might be wondering whether it is necessary to give calcium to our kids. There are discussions everywhere regarding how much calcium do the kids need and for how long we need to give calcium to our kids. The answer is a resounding yes.

Not just the kids, adults too need enough calcium in their diet. As the kids grow older  their bones start to build resulting in increased metabolic activity. Calcium is necessary for sustaining this steady bone growth. The stronger the bones, fewer incidents of bone loss, breakage or osteoporosis will be seen as they grow older. Children need calcium for their bone growth, dental health, hormone and enzyme secretions, nerve impulse transmissions, strong muscle tone, the stabilization of metabolic activity and immune activity.

Deficiency in calcium results in stunted growth, rickets, anemia, bone loss, poor dental health and growth.

72% of the calcium in US comes from dairy products. The Federal Governments food pyramid says that children between the ages of 9-18 need at least 3 servings of dairy products. It is seen that we are falling short of this requirement. Only 30 percent of teenage boys and 12% of teenage girls meet this recommendation. USDA also says that the current Vitamin B12 deficiency is on the rise in the young and old leading to anemia and other sickness.

According to the USDA survey Americans are not meeting the recommended daily intake of calcium. 44% of boys and 58% of girls ages 6-11; 64% of boys and 87% of girls ages 12-19 fall into this group.

The sources of milk are several. Dairy products, cheese, milk and yoghurt are all sources of calcium, vitamins and proteins. If children are not having the right kind of food or are picky with their food habits then it might be better to give them calcium supplements. Tofu, legumes, lentils, greens, salmon, sardines, cereals, fortified juices are sources other than the dairy products which will supplement the necessary calcium.

Since calcium is necessary for our kids it is best to restrict drinks such as soda pop and other sugary drinks that interferes with the absorption of calcium. Mak sure that they get their calcium from all sources in the food pyramid.


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Is It Necessary To Give Calcium To Our Kids