What Are The Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil In Diabetes

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Cod liver oil prevents the risk of diabetesBenefits of cod liver oil have been known to mankind for thousands of years. Benefits of cod liver oil have also been observed in treating Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and even Cancer. Cod liver oil benefits were best known while treating rickets during the 1800’s.  

 Though there are several benefits of Cod Liver oil but the benefits of cod liver oil in diabetes is associated with some interesting facts. 

Cod liver oil benefits is not only associated with Diabetes Treatment but it’s an effective measure of Diabetes Prevention. So let’s explore the cod liver oil benefits in the treatment and the prevention of a chronic disease - Diabetes.


Cod Liver Oil Reduces The Risk Of Type 1 Diabetes

Cod liver oil is obtained from cod fish and is a rich source of vitamin A, D and DHA and EPA which are essential fatty acids. Benefits of cod liver oil in diabetes are derived from its rich constituent of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. It has been observed cod liver oil reduces the risk of diabetes in the individuals who use to consume cod liver oil since early days of life. Cod liver oil benefits in preventing the occurrence of type 1 diabetes is owed to vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.


Pregnant Women Should Consume Cod Liver Oil

Various research studies have indicated that cod liver oil prevents type 1 diabetes in children. Its effect was highly prominent in children whose mothers have consumed cod liver oil during pregnancy. Benefits of cod liver oil in lowering the risk of diabetes are due to the anti inflammatory effects, especially of omega-3 essential fatty acids. In addition, Vitamin D in cod liver oil has also a protective effect in reducing the risk of type 1 diabetes. If a pregnant women takes 1 teaspoon of cod liver oil daily, her child has very low risk of type 1 diabetes. To avoid any complications it is recommended that before including cod liver oil in the diet, pregnant women should consult her doctor.


Benefits of Cod Liver Oil In The Treatment Of Diabetes

In the earlier two sections we came across cod liver oil benefits in diabetes prevention. Now let’s see benefits of cod liver oil in diabetes treatment. Researches have found that cod liver oil is very effective in controlling the glucose level in the body. It also has antioxidant properties that promotes the good cholesterol in the body and reduces the weight related disorders. We all know that diabetes is one of the ill effects of excess weight, thus by promoting better weight management; cod liver oil cures the diabetes. Further, it promotes the metabolism of fat as well as glucose thereby, controlling the blood sugar level in the diabetes patients.


In these ways we have seen dual effects of cod liver oil - benefits of cod liver oil in the treatment as well as prevention of diabetes.


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