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What Are The Medicinal Uses Of Hawthorn

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Medicinal Uses Of Hawthorn

If we have a look at the medicinal uses of hawthorn, we will be able to find out that, this herb has been used for treating various cardiac ailments during 1stcentury itself. China is renowned for the medicinal uses of hawthorn as it was used for the treatment of hyperlipidemia and dyspnoea. During 13thcentury, the most popular among the hawthorn medicinal uses  included the cure for dysentery and diarrhea.

Before having a look at the various medical uses of hawthorn, let us see what this is. Hawthorn is a member of the rose family and is a thorny shrub. This shrub is rich in the antioxidants called flavonoids that have been proved to be helpful for the blood vessel expansion, enhancing the flow of blood as well as safeguarding blood vessels against damages.

The leaves, flowers and berries of hawthorn are used for medicinal purposes.

Medicinal Uses of Hawthorn

Read on to know the various medicinal uses of hawthorn. The hawthorn medicinal sues include offering protection against various cardiac ailments as well as controlling the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Heart Failure

One of the most common medicinal uses of hawthorn is to treat people suffering from heart failure. Heart failure is a medical condition wherein human heart fails to pump blood enough to be supplied to organs of the body. Studies have proved the hawthorn medicinal uses in improving the functioning of heart. The studies also have mentioned the medicinal uses of hawthorn for easing the symptoms of heart failure including fatigue and shortness in breath. Using hawthorn at the rate of 900 mg daily for two months have proven to be effective in treating the heart failure symptoms.

But before trying out the medicinal uses of hawthorn for treating heart failure, check with you physician.

Chest Pain

Medically known as angina, chest pain is a medical condition that affects the heart due to a blockage in the coronary arteries or the spasm of the latter. This condition occurs due to lack of supply of oxygen. The medicinal uses of hawthorn are capable of combating the chest pain resulting from the reduce flow of blood to the heart. According to initial investigative evidences, people who were suffering from angina showcased an improved flow of blood to the heart due to the medicinal uses of hawthorn. The hawthorn medicinal uses also helped them to keep angina away for a longer period of time. But studies are yet to prove the level of effectiveness and efficiency of the medicinal uses of hawthorn in treating angina.


Yet another among the medicinal uses of hawthorn is its ability to control hypertension in people. These hawthorn medicinal uses have not undergone exclusive studies, but people feel that the medicinal uses of hawthorn in treating heart failure also helps in controlling high blood pressure.

Other Medicinal Uses of Hawthorn

Some of the other medical uses of hawthorn are as mentioned below;

1. For treatment of insomnia

2. In the prevention of miscarriages

3. For improving the muscular strength

4. For preventing arteriosclerosis

5. Boosting the functioning of heart and

6. In the treatment of nervousness

Even though there are lots talked and said about the medicinal uses of hawthorn, there are no sufficient evidences to validate the studies on hawthorn medical uses. But, it is always advisable to check with your physician before using this miracle drug. Let us wait and see if hawthorn can really be a good alternative for heart diseases and hypertension.


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What Are The Medicinal Uses Of Hawthorn