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Sesame Seed Oil Health Benefits

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Sesame seed oil health benefits are related to its properties of acting as an antioxidant. Sesame seed oil helps to maintain good cholesterol and fight bad cholesterol. The most important health benefit of sesame seed oil is that it helps to fight bacteria both internally in your body as well as externally when applied on the skin.

Sesame oil also called gingerly oil is derived from sesame seeds has got a wonderfully nutty flavor and is commonly used in Asian and Indian cookery. Due to Sesame seed oil health benefits, it has been used since ages in Ayurvedic and Oriental medicine for treatment of several ailments and health problems. It is not only a healthy ingredient used in cooking, but is also used as a massage oil and is used in soaps and body lotions.




Here are some of sesame seed oil health benefits which you should know about.

  • Studies have proved that one of the most important health benefits of Sesame seed oil is that it is an Antioxidant which will neutralize oxygen radicals. This oil quickly penetrates into the skin when massaged and enters the blood stream through
  • Health benefits of sesame seed oil are closely related to its nutritional content. Sesame seed oil is high in polyunsaturated fats and is an excellent source of vitamin E and other minerals. Polyunsaturated fats are important for cell growth and good for the heart. Polyunsaturated fats are also important in the prevention of illnesses such as blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis and improves immunity. Sesame seed oil provides cells of your intestines with essential nourishment.
  • Sesame oil, it helps in reducing bacteria which causes gingivitis. Try rinsing your mouth with water and sesame seed oil instead of mouth wash.
  • You can use sesame seed oil as nose drops as Sesame seed oil has known to cure chronic sinusitis.
  • Sesame seed oil health benefits also include the oils ability to kill strep and other common cold bacteria. In ancient times people used it to gargle when they had a soar throat.
  • Sesame seed oil is wonderful for your skin in many ways. If you are suffering from dry skin ailments, then massage this oil to cure your skin problems. This oil keeps the skin supple and keeps away bacteria. It thus helps to heal and protect areas scrapes and cuts. Sesame seed oil is good for young skin. And helps to control growth or pimples. It is a natural nourisher for your skin better than any soap or cream.
  • Did you know that health benefits of sesame seed oil also include its ability to kill lice? It also nourishes the scalp and prevents dandruff by killing the dandruff causing bacteria.
  • Sesame seed oil is also a useful natural UV protector; calms sun burns and protects your skin from chlorine when you are in the swimming pool.
  • Sesame seed oilhealth benefitsinclude its ability to keep joints flexible and is used as a massage oil.

As you now know sesame seed oil health benefits don’t hesitate in purchasing a bottle of the wonderfully useful, pure and natural oil.

To reap the health benefits of sesame seed oil, learn ways in which you can incorporate it in your daily cooking 

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Sesame Seed Oil Health Benefits