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Weight-Loss Benefits Of Walnut Oil

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Those of you who have plans to lose weight, can try the weight-loss benefits of walnut oil to reach your weight-loss goals. Walnut oil is a distinct oil with a nutty aroma and flavor extracted from walnuts. Even though there are many myths regarding benefits of walnut oil and weight-loss, most of them have no scientific basis and hence cannot be relied upon. Nevertheless, benefits of walnut oil does include helping in loss of weight.


Weight-loss Benefits of Walnut Oil Explained


Walnut oil is believed to have a positive effect on stress management. According to Andrea Wenger Hess, nutritionist, the main cause of overeating is emotional eating. Consumption of walnut oil have been found to benefit people when under stress. Individuals consuming regular doses of walnut oil or walnuts show lesser physical signs related to stress, like increase in blood pressure etc. Stress can be controlled with walnut oil and weight-loss goals easily reached.


Benefits of Walnut Oil Examined


Even though walnut oil is considered to be healthy, the lesser known fact is that walnut oil is fat. One table spoon of walnut oil contains as much as calories and fat content as other oils (olive, vegetable). Hence, it would be advisable to replace normal less-healthy fats with walnut oil to reap complete benefits of walnut oil. Instead of directly adding walnut oil to your diet, you can try replacing butter on your toast with it.


Another aspect of using walnut oil that you must be apprised of is that nuts can cause food allergies. Hence check whether you are allergic to walnuts prior to using it at home with the idea of enjoying the benefits of walnut oil.


Those of you who like the benefits of walnut oil but are averse to its fat content can try using walnuts instead. Even though the fat content in walnuts is similar to walnut oil, walnuts have additional proteins and fiber to keep a check on your hunger. Nevertheless, the fat in walnut oil is unsaturated and hence much more healthier than saturated fats like butter. This is where walnut oil and weight-loss goals come together.





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Weight-Loss Benefits Of Walnut Oil