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10 Foods To Avoid When Sick

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When sick there are certain foods to avoid in bringing back the body function to normalcy. It is natural to avoid doing many daily routines while sick. The body is weak and would want to rest. As such there are many sickness foods that give stamina to the body to fight against the disease. There are also many foods to avoid when sick. These foods do more harm than good to the body. Here are 10 foods to avoid when sick.

  1. Cookies, fries, cream, beef and pork are among fatty foods to avoid when sick. These have hydrogenated and saturated animal fats, which is difficult for the body to digest.
  2. Foods to avoid include cured meats such as bacon. They have nitrates to maintain the microbial safety. The nitrate converts into nitrites and this causes harm to the body. It can trigger growth of cancer cells especially when the body is sick and weak.
  3. Avoid soda and fizz drinks. Soda is a poor source of fluids. It contains sugar, caffeine and flavors. Instead homemade soda with natural juice is good.
  4. A few dairy products are foods to avoid when you are sick. Consumption of dairy products after a tummy upset may actually worsen the situation. Cheese can cause constipation, and sometimes milk can cause diarrhea.
  5. Control caffeine (coffee, tea, or chocolate) intake. It is difficult for the digestive system to digest it. Recover completely to have these foods.
  6. Spicy foods are foods to avoid when sick as they react with the body. Spicy foods can trouble the tummy leading to acidity and tummy upsets.
  7. Even nuts are foods to avoid when the body is sick. Yes, nuts can cause a stomach upset. The oils in these nuts can react in the stomach further aggravating the ailment.
  8. Tomatoes can cause more problems for acidity. The lycopene in tomatoes aggravates the ailment.
  9. Decrease sugar intake. Sugar can actually slow the action of white bloods cells against bacteria.
  10. Among sickness foods that the body cannot digest is raw foods. Cooked food is preferred to raw foods.

While recovering from any illness keep a watch on foods to avoid as they may hamper a speedy recovery.

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10 Foods To Avoid When Sick