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Pycnogenol Health Benefits

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Pycnogenol are Pine bark extractThere are multifarious health benefits of Pycnogenol. Many may not really know what Pycnogenol is, well it is an extract of the bark of Pine. Pine bark has a concentrate of active bioflavonoids, which are also found in fresh fruits and vegetables. The extract of pine bark contains a potent blend of active compounds. How does Pyncogenol help you health wise? As one of the most powerful natural scavenger of free radicals, Pycnogenol cleans up all kinds of antagonistic radicals, before they cause any harm by oxidative trauma.


Their excellent antioxidants capabilities help enhance the immune system and it builds up blood vessel walls and capillaries. It sustains a better circulation by inhibiting stress-induced compression of arteries and blood clotting. Additionally, the extract holds matter which fight off cramps. The best way to decrease high blood pressure is to eat a well balanced diet; exercise regularly and supplement it with pine bark extract - Pycnogenol.


Indeed, several studies from various countries have concluded that Pycnogenol aids in lowering the blood pressure, reduction of LDL cholesterol, developed microcirculation and thwarted platelet accumulation. Moreover, prior studies have suggested that type 2 diabetes patients had decreased blood sugar and healthier blood vessels after complementing their diet with Pycnogenol. Now that you know all the wonderful health benefits of Pycnogenol, definitely start supplementing your diet with it.


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Pycnogenol Health Benefits