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What Are The Health Risks Of Undercooked Beef

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It is very important to learn – what are the health risks of undercooked beef; as many a the times we don’t pay enough attention to what we are eating and how we are going to be affected. The health risks of undercooked beef can be quite serious  and can cause critical heath conditions. So, the next time you order a rare steak, think twice about the food safety issue. Below are some of the most common and critical health risks of undercooked beef.

1.       Food Poison – Eating undercooked beef can lead to severe food poisoning. Not only undercooked beef, this is true for almost every type of poultry and meat. Even if you are being assured of saftey with processed meat, you never know when it can be infected with external bacteria. As a result, you can have severe infection in your digestive system with diarrhea, abdominal cramp, loose motion, vomiting etc.

2.       E. Coli Infection – The infection of E. Coli bacteria is very common with undercooked beef. This is also considered as one of the serious health risks of undercooked beef. The infection of E. Coli bacterium, causes diarrhea with blood and severe pain or cramp in abdomen. In acute situation, it can lead to failure of kidney with symptoms like profuse bleeding and anemia.


3.       Tapeworm Infection – You don’t know when you are going to be infected with tapeworm. The risk of infection is highest with raw or undercooked beef of pork. A tapeworm can grow to be 12 ft or more and can survive inside your body for a long period of time. As such, there is no symptom for a tapeworm infection, but it will surely affect the normal growth and structure of a human being.


Even if you like rare steak, it is better to shift your choice to medium done, in case you want to stay fit and healthy for long time. A rare or undercooked steak is safe to eat only when there is no chance of contamination. Otherwise, it is going to be really harmful for you and your family.


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What Are The Health Risks Of Undercooked Beef