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Kiwi Health Benefits

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Kiwi health benefits are not known by most  people as this fruit is available only in very few countries. Fruit salad lovers will be aware of this fruit as it gives an exotic flair to the salads. Kiwi originates from China and was called Chinese gooseberry. Later New Zealand farmers cultivated this fruit and named it Kiwi. Kiwi health benefits  listed here reveals its health benefits.


Kiwi Health Benefits:

Asthma and respiratory diseases:  This fruit is a rich source of vitamin C so when given to children, it was found that it protected children from wheezing and other respiratory problems. This one of the useful health benefits of Kiwi.

Cardiovascular diseases:  Intake of kiwi regularly has the same effect as aspirin but does not leave any side effect like bleeding and inflammation in the intestinal tract. 

Anti cancer:  The various carotenoids and flavonoids in it are found to have antioxidant properties. This prevents DNA damage thus inhibiting cancer growth.

Aids Digestion:  It is rich source of dietary fiber and it helps to flush the toxins from the colon  reducing the chances of colon cancer. Besides these, fiber also aids to prevent other gastro- intestinal diseases and constipation.

Skin health: It has a high amount of Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that acts against skin degeneration and keeps your skin healthy.

The health benefits of Kiwi make this an attractive fruit to consume daily..

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Kiwi Health Benefits