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Nutmeg Health Benefits

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Nutmeg is vital component of many of our kitchen spices; still lot is unknown about the nutmeg health benefits. It adorns the kitchen shelves but just to add extra spicy flavor. One should be enlightened with nutmeg health benefits to make it a reason to include in our food. Here follows some of the miraculous health benefits of nutmeg.

 1. Nutmeg is essential for proper cognitive power. It is a brain booster and improves concentration power. Moreover nutmeg is helpful in preventing memory loss.

2. Nutmeg is very excellent tonic for heart. It maintains healthy blood flow to heart and is highly recommended for cardiac patients.

3. Nutmeg has got natural soporific properties which makes it very good sleep inducer. It`s this health promoting benefit goes in favor of insomnia patients.

4. Excellent aphrodisiac, nutmeg is known for this property since ages.

5. Reap the detoxying nutmeg health benefits for helping your  kidney and liver . Several liver tonics contain nutmeg oil which is known to ward off the toxins from liver.

6. Nutmeg is treatment to inflammation and pain. It is anodyne and relieves pain.

Regarding health benefits of nutmeg, one can easily become fan of nutmeg given its above mentioned features. It’s definitely a way to lifelong good health.

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Nutmeg Health Benefits