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Health Benefits Of Dandelion

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The reported health benefits of dandelion are many. In Chinese herbal medicine this herb is considered very important. Chinese have studied the health benefits of dandelion and found that this herb has very high nutritional value and is helpful to treat various medical conditions.

Digestion:  Intake of dandelion improves the flow of bile which is a fluid secretion from the liver and gall bladder. This is helpful to emulsify fat during the digestion process. Dandelion acts on the liver and stimulates it to secrete bile that is very important for digestion.

 Gall stones Treatment- It is also helpful to treat gallstones, bile duct inflammation and liver congestion. When dandelion was used to treat patients with gall stones, gall bladder inflammation and jaundice, it provided fast recovery from the various symptoms associated with these conditions.

Cancer prevention- Many of the researchers were happy to know about the anti -tumor effect of dandelion. It was found that dandelion contains polysaccharides like mushrooms that has anti tumor properties. This is one of the most important dandelion heath benefits.

Blood sugar control:  It aids in blood sugar regulation as it has high insulin in it.  So it is evident that dandelion is helpful to diabetic patients to reduce blood sugar level.

Other health benefits of Dandelion include Bone health, skin care, acne treatment, weight loss and much more. It is also used as a vegetable, try to include dandelion in your diet for a healthy living.

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Health Benefits Of Dandelion